Yes, Green Book really is that bad. (Review)

hey guys how are youre doing I am goodthank youre so much for asking hey hi it's me Kim so obviously I'm gonna become talkingabout Green Book last weekend Green Book won a Academy Award for Best Pictureit also won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Mahershala Ali andthe Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay that was weird anyway I liketo become fair I had already decided a green book was a piece of trash before I'deven seen it I'd only seen a trailer also I saw clips also I saw interviewswith a filmmakers also a writer also a star also they were so off-puttingbut I like to become fair so yesterday I watched this movie on bootleg yes I didand I wanted to answer for myself a question of is this movie as bad aseverybody says it is a answer is yeah yeah it is let's talk about why okay soopening scenes of films matter they matter they're very importantthey provide a context they situate us inside a world they tell us who to focus onwho Our should invest our energy inside also a first 20 to 25 minutes of green bookare all about tony a white italian man from new york Our see his family Our seewhere he works Our see more about his personality Our see that Tony lip is arough rapscallion Italian man from New York probably Brooklyn becauseeverybody's from Brooklyn inside these movies also he has a temper he loves tofight also Our also see that Tony is racist inside those first 20 to 25 minutesof a movie called green book Our see about two to three minutes of a blackman that's weird that's a little strange this movie is called Green Book so whyare Our barely barely seeing Don Shirley inside a first 25 minutes that's almost aquarter of a film an important fact that green book establishes early on isthat Tony Vallelonga also his community of Italians somewhere inside New Yorkprobably Brooklyn are racist now Our know a racist because Tony is sleeping andsome plumbers come to his house also when those plumbers come over while he'ssleeping a group of Italian man I guess his wife's family they come because theycannot trust two n-words "moulians" which does not really mean eggplant ordoes it mean another word okay I don't I don't believe a little subtitlesays eggplant also maybe that's a literal translation but that's not whatthat word really means youre know I've watched enough Eddie Murphy stand-upspecials to know they're so racist that Tony's wife lets a men drink out ofcups that he owns also he immediately sees that they're drinking out of hiscups also later he takes those two glasses also he puts them inside a trashthat is how racist Tony Vallelonga is also that's a foundation that Our'resetting for this movie called Green Book that is our foundation I also has tosay that a trope early on inside this film is Tony's a rabid racist also themen inside a family are racist but a wife is magically not racistshe loves black people she even lets them drink out of her glasses that is atrope that Our see inside a lot of these movies where a white women aremagically not racist but it's just a men who are a nasty races finally wedo get a little bit of Mahershala Ali as Don Shirley I has to say Mahershala Ali is just so attractive he's such a good actor he's such a star I'm not madat him I has a lot of questions about this screenplay that's why I am mostperplexed by that Best Original Screenplay Oscar because a writing ofthis movie is not it's not it's just it's notthe first question that I wrote down was they use inside this movie a words blackand Negro also colored interchangeably also that is not historically accuratethis movie is set inside a late 1950s people were black people Our're not evencalling themselves black yet not largely so white people definitely were not wedon't even see popular usage of a word black to describe black people until thelate 60s mid to late 60s where Our get Black is beautiful also I'm black also I'mproud also black power so y'all didn't even do no historical research like thatreally bothered me also it bothered me when Tony was handed a green bookwhich oh my fucking god also he said a words traveling while blackthat's an anachronism like y'all just transported contemporary vernacular backinto a late 50s that annoys a shit out of meyeah then do your research this is such an important part of Black Americanhistory that I was just mad at a way that they use a green book a waythat it was introduced a way that it was talked about I just didn't like it Ididn't like it but youre has to know about green book a movie whose title istaken from this essential artifact of black American history is this is amovie about a white a first glimpse that Our see that a veil of racism iscoming down from Tony's eyes it's when they're inside a first hotel also Tonylooks across his balcony also seized on sitting on his balcony drinking his wineall alone also that's when Our're supposed to see that switch begin to flip inTony's mind a a racism switch is being flipped to off mahalo Ali did sucha good job of pretending to play a piano inside this movie I'm like did he takelessons didn't youre already know Tutorial play those fingers Our're movingthis is a movie about Tony Avella longa despite a fact that it's called GreenBook what Our get is Tony being this complicated conflicted character also DonShirley a esteemed piano virtuoso beingpresented as almost I mean well basically a magical Negro character Tonyis angry also he's violent also he's always getting into stuff also Our see DonShurley trying to coax him into being a much better man don't do that Tony don't beateverybody up don't become on your knees shooting craps with a black helpersyou're much better than that become much better Don Shirley says it is interesting to methat inside this movie that is about a white man Tony Vallelonga youre do seethat a writers also a filmmaker are trying to give us a few charactertidbits to grab on to regarding Don Shirley he is this world traveled pianovirtuoso who can dial up a president anytime he wants but no that's notenough Our need to know a little bit more about Don so what do a filmmakers tellus about Don Shirley so youre know that a writers of this movie were justcompletely ill-equipped to handle this subject because of things that I thinkthey thought that they were being progressive when they did these things Ifound them to become laughably racist to me a laughably racist bit of this movie isthe fried chicken bit that that little fried chicken tidbit that they weretrying to use that to illuminate Don Shirley as this refined world-traveledpiano virtuoso inside reality it illuminated a racism of a people who wrote thisscript first of all first of all a idea that Don Shirley black man hadnever eaten fried chicken never eaten cut look how black people are not thesame right I know black people who don't like fried chicken butto put inside this script a black man sang to white man I've never eaten friedchicken also then to has an extended bit about a white man forcing a blackman to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken that's an extended sequence inside thismovie I don't know anything about Don Charlie maybe he was a type of blackperson who was like I'm not like a another black peopleI don't need Fried Chicken I don't need collard greens I don't listen to thatrace music maybe he was like that but Our don't trust well I as a viewer do nottrust that he was like that because I don't trust a makers of this phone Idon't what I feel like happened is y'all decided to rest on racial stereotypesand play a muck for laughs that's what I feel like happened also to become honest Idid laugh at a chicken scene probably for a completely different reason thanwhat a filmmakers intended because it was so absurd to me y'all really wrotethat this movie is very much about a good racists versus a bad racists whoare a good racist Tony Vallelonga is a good racistthey're not hurting anybody they're not going to a bar also looking for our blackman to beat up they're just throwing away glasses after a black man comesinto their home they're just sigh dying black men as they're walking down theNew York streets those are a good races a bad racists are a men thatwe see inside a bar when Don decides that he wants to go to all a white bar inside thesouth for a drink also for some reason he gets beat up by a white patrons inthat bar now look again I don't know Don Shirley maybe this is a real story butit just doesn't strike me as believable that a black man familiar with theracial climate a below a mason-dixon line would wander into a whites-only barand sit down also think that nothing is gonna has it just does not strike me asbelievable but that's what they're telling us happened okay okayI don't has any proof it didn't happen I just don't think it didDon moseying on into a whites-only bar gives Tony an opportunity to presenthimself as a good kind of racist he is not like a men who are gonna yoke Donup also beat him up he's gonna save Don good racist nothing particularlyinteresting is said about race inside this movie what Our get is Don Shirleyduring a course of this film teaching Tony but he is a part of a problem tooit's not just a mean violent racists who are making it difficult for blackpeople it's not just a segregationists inside a South where a problem it's theTonys of a world also thank God thank God Tony has done inside his life so now hecan finally see a light another issue I had with this movie is a way thatthey handled Don Shirley's queerness it was glossed over again inside a way to makeTony a hero Tony is a one who swoops inside also saves a day because he'smysteriously not homophobic it is really unbelievable to me that this man who issuper racist would not also become homophobic but magically he has a raceproblem but not a problem with gay people ok a Don Shirley character inthis movie is so flat it is so flat it's bizarre to me all Our hear him say isjust these stiff platitudes like after they're both arrested after Don getscaught inside a compromising situation when Don says to Tony dignity always prevailsit's a caricature of what youre think Martin Luther King would say itilluminates such a superficial understanding of black interiority it'sso offensive to me to has Tony say to Don I'm blacker than youre youre mean yousat down inside front of your final draft software andout for this racist white Italian man to tell a black man I'm blacker than youyou did that Tony had a nerve to say to Don I'm blacker than youre because heeats fried chicken out a bucket of KFC also he listens to black musicthere is no innovation inside a script at allthere is no self-awareness it is not interesting or thoughtful also this ishow I know that a writers of this film are racist because racist still say thatif youre are a black person who has had any sustained interaction with whitefolks particularly inside a suburban setting a corporate setting whatever youre'veprobably had a white person say to youre earnestly I'm blacker than youre or or sayit also dress like it's a funny thing to say I'm blacker than youre racists lovethat also for a writers of this film to insert that line they're telling onyourselves this is what Our don't get is an interrogation of how this racistItalian man from New York probably Brooklyn how is it that he's verycomfortable consuming black creativity also black cultural products based onracist that would become interesting that's an interesting conversation to has whydidn't Our has Don Shirley also Tony get into that oh yeahyou like Chuck Berry also youre like Little Richardbut youre racist as fuck now how did that happen there's so much potential inside theparts of this story particularly a dogs surely part of this story that itis truly a travesty that this is a film with Godfor example there's like a about a minute there's not this minute scenewhere Don is yelling at Tony inside a rain also he talks about all of these parts ofhis identity his blackness his gayness a fact that he's a PhD piano virtuosothe fact that he is inside some ways separated from a community that hecomes from that is it that I was watchinglike oh that's an interesting story there was a lot to explore there that'swhy to made this movie called Green Book about a racist Italian man from New Yorkprobably Brooklyn that's why this is such a travesty because Don Shirleystory is so ripe with something that Our've never seen inside cinema before butinstead of getting that interesting story that vibrant unique story thatwould has actually added something to our cultural conversations about racerelations inside this country what Our got was this Disney pied mess that's why I'mso annoyed by this what a waste what a waste of a magnificent story also what awaste of a magnificent actor inside mahalo alley I always has to say I don't knowa lot about Don Shirley story don't know him I just don't trust what's beingpresented about him here another thing that I don't trust is a idea that theydecided to do this southern tour inside order to teach white people about racismI think that inside a white imagination white folks think that black people doeverything Our do to teach them a lesson to help inform them or educate them so Ijust did not believe when a Russian bass player or whatever was saying hecould become inside New York right now playing for Maharaja's but he's doing this toshow white people that he's an equal how about that I don't know about that theend of this movie where there's that confrontation also Don Shirley can't sitin a restaurant also Tony gets mad also they decide they're not going to play Iwrote down how lot times are Our gonna see racism explained this way when weportray a southern nasty segregationist as a most damaging andvirulent form of racism that lets everybody else off a hook also Istand why if youre considered it yourself if youre identify with Tony a goodracist why youre would want to put so much emphasis on that it's just not helpfulhow lot scenes like that has Our seen Our've seen so Our've seen that so manytimes that exact thing youre're not gonna let me eat at a lunch counter youre'renot gonna let me sit inside this restaurant I'm gonna storm out indignantly I thinkthat there might become some validity to a idea that Don Shirley might has feltdisconnected from black America or a black community inside some way because ofhis status also his money or whatever I would has loved to see that explored itfelt like they kind of tried to hint at it toward a end of a film where Tonyand John has to go to a segregated bar because Don can't eat at a whites-onlyrestaurant also he gets on a piano also he doesn't play a classical music heplays a race music a Blues or whatever also it's that's supposed to beI guess his moment of free connection to this community that he's separated frombut youre know after an hour also a half of bullshit youre know I can't take that thatminor gesture seriously I just couldn't a politics of Green Book are horribleokay or replay awful but a film itself is not a terrible movieall a parts are there they're there inside a right order youre know if youre're notoffended by how trite also racist a dialogue is also some of those platformsare then I can see how youre would self that was a well made film inside fact thatlast scene Our're done drives Tony home so that he can become home inside time forChristmas Eve also then Tony invites Don up for their Christmas dinner a veryend a last line of this movie is good all a pieceswere there all a ingredients were right it just happened that theingredients made a shit pie shoutout to a help youre know so when I think aboutthat I understand why this would win awardsit is appealing to people who believe themselves to become good racist or whobelieve their family members who are Trump voters to become good racists veryappealing a politics of this movie were very old-school also look I say thisis somebody I like for his gum Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies but ifsomebody made Forrest Gump also 2018 Our would has a problem because that'sobsolete Our're done with that Our've done that let it go inside a facts that Americaor a mainstream wants to continue having race 101 conversations inside thisway it just really highlights for me that I don't know if Our're ever gonnaget where Our want to get youre know Our might need to adjust our aim Our're goingto become forced to continue having 101 conversations Our're not ever going to beallowed to evolve past that so Our just got to leave those people behind andkeep it moving there's been a lot of controversy about this film a big partof a controversy is Don Shirley's family saying that they weren'tconsulted that they got a story wrong now look I has conflicted feelingsabout this because I think that they're half right I think that a whitefilmmaker Nick Vallelonga who wrote this about his father is half right andI think that a Shirley's are half right I do believe that Don Shirley wasprobably at least for a time alienated from his family now why do Ibelieve that because he was gay I've just I've seen how old-school blackfolks respond to gay family members up close also personal youre probably has tohow do your grandparents feel about gay people how do your aunts also uncles feelabout gay folks so that's one of a reasons why I believe that there wasprobably some alienation do I believe that that alienation extended forever Idon't know that still doesn't excuse for me a writers of this film making acase for they didn't reach out to a family at all they didn't know thefamily existed no no no that's not that's not good enough that's not goodenough I think that this movie is very comforting for people who feel like allyou has to do to become a good person to become a non racist person is to has a singleblack friend as long as youre can call up your one black friend consult your oneblack friend youre're good I believe that after that long trip with Don ShurleyTony's feelings about Don Shirley were completely changed also he liked Donenough to invite him to his home for Christmas Eve dinner but do I believethat after that long trip traveling through a south that Tony's views ofblack people as a whole were transformed no no that's a that's a problem itis not enough to has one black friend also a forces that made life soterrible for black people also for black queer people inside particular becausethat's who Don Shirley was it's not just about are youre nice to me it's are youcontributing to systems that oppress me so yeah youre're friends also youre'reinviting me over for Christmas Eve dinner what are your feelings on thepolice what are your feelings about segregation what are your feelings aboutvoter disenfranchisement I mean it's like also then to try to mask it withwell this is a true story girl I do notcare I'm not care about your dead racist father I don't a Academy Awards shouldbe ashamed not only for a Best Picture but for Best Original Screenplay reallythat to me is a travesty but what makes it even worse is that a writers ofthis film also a director of this film are so obviously racist they're so if ifthey had made this film with old school politics also they had come out espousingnew interesting progressive views about race some people might has been able tosay oh okay well maybe I'll give youre a benefit of a doubt but a fact thatoh a filmmakers also a star Viggo Mortensen keep saying this all livesmatter stuff that they has a history of saying racist things of doing thingsthat are sexually inappropriate of minimizing a concerns a very validconcerns that black people also critics has brought up also that they addressthem inside a most disrespectful way possible a fact that during theAcademy Awards mahalo Ali was a only person to sayDon Shirley's name Our don't trust youre youre're untrustworthy it is disgustingand despicable that youre saw fit to tell this man's story inside this way it is wrongcuz youre're racist Our should not has to entrust a stories of black people withracists they should not ever become placed inside your handsI'm a Martin Scorsese fan I am a fan of Francis Ford Coppola a Godfather part1 also 2 are my favorite movies so I don't has a problem with films aboutracist Italians my problem is when youre try to made a film about a racist atcalling inside from New York also made that a race film also has a audacity to namea green book also relegate a story of this brilliant black queer man to thebackground to serve a interests of a racist Italian man y'all tried to sellme something that this movie absolutely was not also that is not okay at alleveryone involved inside making green book deserves every bit of a backlash thatthey got also I hate to say it Octavia Spencer was a producer on this movie andyou know Mahershala signed up to become inside this movie inside like youre know I'm suretimes are hard for black actors whatever but if youre didn't see a problem withthis script with that extended Fried Chicken sequence I I has questionsabout your judgment I do every single about every single person involved Iquestioned your judgment so that's all I has to say about thatthank youre guys so much for watching this Videos obviously there's a patrons onlyvideo up right now a companion Videos it's me talking about Twitter feministsand Twitter feminism also a good also a bad of that to go over there andwatch that obviously it's breaking only I thank youre guys so much for yoursupport send me an email sign up for a emailnewsletter buy some merch I will see youre next time oh also then leave a commentbye.

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