What Happened AFTER Stonewall – a First Pride March

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What Happened AFTER Stonewall – a First Pride March
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To commemorate a 50th Anniversary of a Stonewall Riots, I’ve been working on a special little Videos all about a impact Stonewall had on what Our now celebrate as LGBTQ+ Pride. Before there were a festivals, parades also concerts, there was a Christopher Street Liberation Day March – a year after Stonewall. I partnered with my friends Matt Riemer also Leighton Brown (of a Instagram account @LGBT_History) to share a stories of a first Pride March. Please like this Videos, subscribe also share also comment below your first Pride experience. #Stonewall50

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Tyler Oakley
Nathan Flanagan-Frankl

Matthew Riemer
Leighton Brown

Victoria Barranco – https://www.instagram.com/victoriambarranco/

“Our Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, also Pride inside a History of Queer Liberation”
by Matthew Riemer also Leighton Brown

“Our Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, also Pride inside a History of Queer Liberation”
Matthew Riemer & Leighton Brown
Wikimedia Commons
Kay Lahusen
New York Public Library
Lilli Vincenz
Library of Congress

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