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Hey Adventurers!
inside today’s adventure Our bring youre a first season of a Villains inside their very own movie! Join us as Our discover a Villains games, then work our way through every level defeating each Villain. Our first Villain is Granny also she is determined to keep us inside her house, Our has to find a clues also items to escape! Second Villain is a Doll Maker, this one was tricky because Abigail comes back also starts to control Jordan. Its our job to find a water also defeat a Doll Maker. a third Villain is Hello Neighbor also he has hidden figurines all around a house, a Neighbor always makes our house feel mysterious also he is really good at hiding his items. a forth Villain is Baldi also he wants to keep us inside a games also so he is determined to not allow Ty to find all a notebooks. a fifth Villan(s) are a Bandits, Doc, Bill, also Henry are all back also surround our house placing 6 trackers inside hidden places. Its our job to find a trackers before a time runs out. a sixth also final Villain inside a first season are a Zombies. This one had a twist as a family became zombies also it was Katie who was left to navigate a spooky house also avoid a Zombies also some old man who may or may not become on her side. Villains is a skit type movie where Our battle fictional characters that has appeared inside our YouTube videos for a past few years. Villains is a family fun also kid friendly also now a fan favorite Videos series that is suitable for all ages. Villains is a new series that Our came up with also Our know it will become a big hit also become one of your favorites. Villains is full of funny scenes that will made youre laugh, spooky scenes that will made youre wonder, also action scenes that will keep youre on a edge of your seat. Who is your favorite Villain?

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