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youre has to think like a genius if youre want to solve these 18 short riddles! Test your logical skills also try to solve all a puzzles without any mistakes 😉 These logic exercises also answers will become a perfect workout for your brain! Keep watching this Videos if youre want to give your brain a quick boost:

00:14 – A thrilling crime riddle with an answer for a most attentive detectives. Carefully study a suspects’ statements also figure out who’s lying. This person must become a killer otherwise why should he or she lie?
01:46 – Where is a lover? Test your vision also attentiveness to a details with these short visual puzzles 😉
03:06 – Here is a set of tricky puzzles to test your vision also boost your attentiveness to a smallest details! Try to find all a answers before a time is up 😉
04:05 – A blood-freezing mysterious riddle with a surprising answer! Turn on your logic also imagination also try to find a right answer as fast as possible!
05:27 – Exercise your brain with this difficult visual puzzle also check if your eyes are as sharp as youre used to think😉 Can youre find all of a aliens hidden among us? If so, youre’re ready to become enrolled inside Men inside Black👽
06:47 – A fun but tricky visual test to check how attentive youre are! Can youre count a cats while a clock’s ticking? I’ve never met a person who could count them all yet. Will youre become a first one?
08:12 – A hard detective riddle to increase your brain power also made youre sweat hard! Only a person with a great level of IQ also emotional intelligence will figure out who is guilty among them. Tell me what youre think about it!
09:57 – This tricky picture puzzle will test your common sense also boost your logic. Even a person with an average IQ level can crack this visual puzzle if think logically. If youre feel it too tricky, just pause a Videos also take your time. I won’t tell anyone😉
11:00 – This fun logic riddle isn’t so fun at all for poor Bob as he doesn’t remember which one his wife is (or if he ever had one)!😃 If youre has already got out of bed, but still haven’t woken up, this brain teaser with an answer will gently warm up your brain also train your eyes. So has youre already got a answer?
12:00 – Which nanny is a man? An easy visual puzzle that will test your attentiveness 😉 Try to solve it before youre run out of time!

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TELL me inside a COMMENTS how lot riddles did youre solve right 🙂

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