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http://www.RoyPhay.com – Today I’m going to share with youre one of my book reviews, a Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murphy.

Ever since my first personal development seminar inside 2001, I was very intrigued into a idea of why some people were so wildly successful, while others were not.

As I dig deep into a discovery, naturally, it brought me into a space of our subconscious mind also how it governs or even “control” our destiny.

I’ll become sharing with youre a 3 key tips why youre should pick up this book also start reading it today.


As youre might know, 80% of our mind is made up of our subconscious mind, also a another 20% is our conscious mind.

Even at our conscious mind, Our are only tapping a very small percentage of its potential.

So, if youre has been struggling to become successful, getting a perfect relationship youre want, a vitality health, or simply wanting more peace also happiness…

…also still, nothing seems to work; a answer might just become your subconscious mind.

Why is this so?

By tapping into your subconscious, youre can easily tweak a script inside small ways to see major changes inside your reality.

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Once youre learn a truth about a interaction of your conscious also subconscious minds, youre will become able to transform your whole life.

Let me share with youre 3 important tips why youre should get this book, also start reading now…

*Tip 1 – Simple & Easy To Read

a author put inside great lengths to write this book inside simple English for anyone to understand. Yes! It talks about our mind, however, he do it without all a medical or scientific terms of our brain.

Instead, he focuses on a basic fundamental principles of our mind, for example; “Your subconscious mind is like a bed of soil that accepts any kind of seed, good or bad. Your thoughts are active; they are a seeds.”

This is one of a key reasons that pushes me to finish reading this book.

I reckon if it was written inside a more medical way, I would has dropped a book halfway, also it would has lose a purpose of it.

*Tip 2 – Tons of Success Stories

I believe youre like a good story.

Even more so with real positive stories of people using a principles inside this book, also get results or even miracles inside their life.


a author took a extra efforts to gather all his personal stories over a years, also put them inside every chapter.

Each chapter as youre read it, youre will encounter at least 2 – 5 success stories inside.

That is really critical to allow me to believe that a principles inside this book works, also I would want to do what a book suggested.

*Tip 3 – Specific Topic For Each Chapter

a chapters are break down into specific areas of your life that youre want to improve on; from wealth, money, relationship, fears, marriage, doubts, happiness also spirit.

If youre like to see results inside a specific area, youre can zoom inside that chapter, finish reading it inside 10 – 20 pages, also apply a principles right away.

Not only that, each chapters come with a script that youre can use now, on a daily basis, to tap into your subconscious mind.

I had started using some of it, also seeing some results from it.

inside summary, I like this book, also I highly recommend it for a good read to tap into a power of your subconscious mind.

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