a another Boy by M.G. Hennessy | LGBTQ+ Book Review #1

Hello, hi, my name is Valen also I'm doing this on a spot So I thought like youre know, why don't I- What a fuck is this? Oh I forgot I had this, okay.

I-I will read that off inside a second.

So I thought I should do um like a little LGBTQ book review cause why-why not like.

it's it's kind of hard to find books for Like that stuff also I found them quite a few, so, youre know why not? Like.

don't judge me here So this book is "a another Boy" Um.

I'll just show youre.

Read that.

I Don't know it's-it's not show up that well.

Um, it's by MG Hennessy* I think.

Hold on.

Yeah, MG Hennesy*.

this is a first um rrans book? I don't.

I don't know if this is.


This is a first like LGBTQ book I've ever read too.

so I got this when I was like inside fifth grade, but I didn't read it until Last year when I actually figured out Iwas trans.

also that's when it was like actually like oh crap, even though it doesn't like really go that inside depth with like how Shane a main character, who's trans, feels It just it was kind of like it's still like.

youre know.

did something to my brain also I was like *weird noise* Um Yeah, I don't know Tutorial.

okay so basically to Do a Sum of-of a thought oh my god.

This is so awkward.

also I don't know why.

I'm literally just making this awkward because this is actually is like much better than most things I record cause like uh, youre can go watch my Videos on like Trans experiences.

link it up one of those.

I can't remember.

I'm not good at like that Okay, um also Yeah, but it Like that was awkward, unless I was *incoherent mubling*.

Bear with me I'll probably like edit some of this out.

So um Basically to sum up a plot.

Shane is basically I'm gonna say he's a sixth grader.

Hold on.

He's either a sixth grader or a fifth grader.

He's a kid.

also Like for a longest time he knew he was trans like youre know, one of those stories where it's like "ah man, I've always known I'm a boy" Kind of thing Yeah, this is Um also then eventually puberty rolls around, also he was already on blockers.

I Think.

yeah, he was on blockers.

So he didn't start which I wish everybody had that opportunity but I didn't um also Now at this point Everybody is going through puberty all a dudes all a ladies also he's like man, I look Fricken feminine.

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I don't like this so he goes inside also he's like "Ay get me some testosterone" Well, he had to go to his dad's cause they need both parents to like.


like sign off on a form for testosterone so he went to his dad's to talk about it also a dad's like "No Are ya sure? Even though youre've known this your whole life also youre're youre also youre understand yourself I don't think so, youre know.

I miss girl come on" also um.

let's see So then he's like really depressed cuz he like skipped out on his baseball thing.

his baseball tournament So he was like, "wow, youre're rude, I don't like youre" Which like is understandable, um also then eventually He convinces his dad Okay, so I ended up looking it up.

He does convince his dad um, af- after that He ends up getting outed by Some jerk.

I can't remember who it was Because I haven't read this inside a while a book is like very PG.

I don't think there's any cursey words.

At least I don't remember any, maybe there's like one or two.

I don't know um Why a hell is there a highlight? Oh, oh Yeah cause I gave this book to somebody also I-I either I highlighted it or they highlighted it.

um Either one, it doesn't matter Cause I've had my mom read this book also I had my grandma read this book, cause my grandma asked to – also my mom She was not a best starting out.

So I was just like "here's a goddamn book, read it" Cause it does explain like.

It does do a good job at like.

Kind of like dysphoria.

cause like when he got denied testosterone, I would say that was Pretty realistic inside a way that he was upset because it's like oh man Everybody's going through puberty, also I'm not, also I look like a child youre know, cause like that's what I'm going through right now, cause everybody's Finally hitting puberty also it's really disturbing also depressing also Yeah.

oh God.

okay Um also a Outing thing like I've had people Like out me.

like my mom did to my dad like kind of.

but not really like she tried to drop all these hints that were fairly obvious also My dad never got them or he did also he just like didn't care.

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Either way.

I don't- I don't know But yeah, that's.

That's like a gist of a book.

this one is like one of my favorites um.

Probably biased cause um again, this is a first like LGBTQ book I've ever read, also I've read several times because I like it so much Because it's a narrative of a younger trans person trans dude, also um youre know Yeah, it just Hit me inside a feels.

like several times also it's really bad I've read this way too lot times There are also like really nice little comics inside here, too cause um Shane likes to has comics.

So I'll just show youre uh I'll show youre a first one.


Okay, it's on like chapter 2 Like.

like this.

So, yeah Stuff like that makes it good uh So I would definitely recommend this one.

I-I-It's some good stuff.

I-I feel so Awkward also yeah as okay this Is my old name so I'll say Valen cause that's a new one I use Cause I used another one before this.

It's out there.

I don't care.

I just don't like it.

Um So this is from my grandma She said thanks for letting me read a book.

It helps me to understand although I still might mess up also call youre a She also my birth name.

Something that I can't read his cursive so it's.

it helped people understand So if youre want to give that to your fam, maybe it's a good idea.

I don't know So yeah, that is um "a another Boy" by MG Hennessy*.

it's a good book.

youre should read it that's my conclusion basically also I'll probably become doing another one of these cause I has.

How lot has I read over there?.

One, two.


four Five, six.

don't mind me while I'm counting Six.

Six that I've read it, I'm gonna has one two Three Three more to read?.

Oh four cause I has one right- that's what youre're stacked on.

is books cause I'm a nerd also like yeah, so I has- I has queer books or LGBTQ books, if youre're not comfortable with that word, um To read also youre know people need this information, so why not? Anyways, if youre enjoy it, I guess tune inside for another one, I don't know Tutorial do outros.

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