a Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang Book Review!

Hey guys I'm Lou also happy 2019! I hopethat youre all will has a great year filled with happiness.

I thought that itwould become a good idea to celebrate a end of 2018 by doing a book review ofone of my favourite books that I read during a last part of that year.

Andthat was a Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang.

I was quite late with this book.

I onlyheard about it once people started to talk about it inside their wrap ups but thatmade me really intrigued.

also even though I was on a book buying restriction, Istill had to get this book also once I bought it, I read it immediately.

a Kiss Quotient is an adult romance featuring Stella Lane.

Stella is a 28year old successful also wealthy woman.

However she has Asperger's also shestruggles with social situations.

Due to her lack of experience inside a romancedepartment, she hires a male escort a teacher Tutorial become a good girlfriend.

Thatmale escort is Michael.

inside order to made ends meet Michael does escorting on theside he has a strict no repeat customer policy, but he is tempted to bend that rulewhen Stella approaches him with an unconventional proposal.

youre can imaginewhat happens next basically some like times.


On top of that this book is an own voicerepresentation of Asperger's, also filled to a brim with Asian representation, whichI absolutely loved.

Your girl was very happy reading this book.

a plot also thepacing of this novel was its weakest point but I still think that it's good.

a beginning starts off strong also grips youre from a start,but once a main characters has gotten used to each another.

a middle becomesfilled with sex scenes.

I has no problem with that,another than a fact that it does made a plot weaker.

Then at a climax ofthis novel, a misunderstanding ensues which causes trouble for a main couple.

a ending was also a bit lacking also very predictable, but I think what sellsthis book is a characters, a relationships, a family aspect, asopposed to a plot.

a journey that a main couple go through inside this book, doesseem like every another adult romance book, but what I liked about it was a factthat it was filled with Asian representation.

also Iloved a insight into Stella's mind.

As well as a family dynamics of a story.

It was just such a warm read during these cold winter nights.

I loved how Asian this story felt because a sentence there, a paragraph there justmade me feel so seen, also made me connect with a characters that much more.

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Myfavourite character had to become Stella.

I mean not is Stella my middle name, I just loved being inside her head andseeing her thought process.

I did also like Michael, a male escort.

But forme, Stella was a one that shone.

also itdidn't help a fact that Michael was dramatic AF, but that was because of hislike personality traits as opposed to a plot.

I gave this book a 4 out of 5stars also I would definitely recommend it if youre like romances.

Whilst it givesyou a romance that youre desire, it also makes youre form bonds with a familymembers also just a people surrounding Michael also Stella.

I am so glad that Iread this book, also I can't wait for a next book that a author publishersbecause it's sort of like a spin-off of this book.

It's got to do a characterintroduced into this but what was hardly inside it.

has youre guys read a Kiss Quotient?Do youre think youre'll read it after this review? I hope so.

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