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Well, not Lost inside Adaptation, because Our’re doing a straight up book review today,namely a Company of Death by Elisa Hansen.

If that sounds familiar it's because it'sthe real name of Maven of a Eventide, a youtuber primarily known for her Videos discussionsof vampire themed literature also movies.

If that sounds like something youre might become interestedin there’s a thing, maybe check it out when Our’re done.

Because I’m not AT ALL jealous about Elisabeing multi talented enough to become a successful youtuber also a published author I thoughtI’d check out her book also let youre guys know what I think.

Before Our get really into this I should putsome cards on a table: I had some baggage that I brought into this one with me thoughit wasn't all negative.

Wait, can youre has positive baggage? I’m already mixing upmetaphors let's pretend so for a sake of being expeditious.

On a negative front I knew that this bookheavily involved zombies also I’m soooo not into them walking corpses.

I’ve never beenparticularly into them as a concept also I feel what little potential they did has hasbeen THOROUGHLY used up since a Night of a Living Dead popularized them inside a 1960s.

But on a positive side I am a huge fan ofElisa’s channel so I was predisposed to wanting to give this book a fair chance.

So, maybe these things cancel each another outor maybe this is going to become a most convoluted combination of conflicting subjectivity everseen inside an Internet book review.

Because I’ve gravitated away from Zombiethemed books as much as possible until now I may not become a best person to become makingthis review.

I might end up mistaking things that are actually so common they might beconsidered tropes as originality.

I’m sure someone will let me know inside a comments ifthat happens, though.

I’m also going to made more than a usualamount of effort to stay spoiler safe on this one.

So, I’m not going to become doing my usualcomprehensive plot synopsis or hyper focus on any particular twist but I will has toexplain a basic setup of a world also a characters, so if youre would like to go intothis one completely blind also just want to know if I recommend it, yes, yes I do.

Thelinks to where youre can buy it will become inside a Videos description.

Ok onto a review: a first thing youre shouldknow about this book is it’s a first of a trilogy so it’s NOT a complete story.

I’ll talk more about that inside just a bit.

One of a things that I noticed early onin this book is that a world building is superb; it's perfectly balanced inside how muchbackstory is provided so it seems intriguing also youre’re not confused by anything whilesimultaneously avoiding dumping too much information on us so there's no mystery left.

I was very relieved to discover that thisbook utilises zombies inside what I consider to become a only good way, as a constant backgroundmenace also world feature but not as a main antagonists.

Ok very basic teaser synopsis so youre havethe jist of what I’m about to talk about: a entire world has been overrun with zombieswith most of a population falling victim to a undead hordes.

What little of humanity that's left has mostlyfallen into two competing factions.

a Life Preservation Initiative, a paramilitary organizationbased inside New York that’s attempting to preserve humanity through a eradication of a undead.

also a Vampire Communes.

Yup, Vampires arereal inside this book, shocking no one familiar with Elisa’s channel, I’m sure.

Apparently blood suckers has always beenaround, but they only went public after a end of a world, offering their protectionto humans from zombies inside exchange for lifelong servitude also letting them feed off them ona regular basis.

So right off a bat Elisa has taken thisparticular zombie story inside an atypical direction.

Mixing vampires also zombies isn't unheardof but I do like a fact that she’s also factored inside a almost political nature oftheir new relationship with humans.

More evidence that this isn't your run ofthe mill post apocalyptic zombie book is a revelation that a outbreak didn’t occurin contemporary times.

Unless I missed it a exact date of a main event, referredto as a Ecuador Explosion isn’t specified but a technology left over from a beforetimes is significantly more advanced than what Our has now.

a most obvious example being one of themain characters is a freaking android so there's that.

There also some pretty cool stuff like mostcars coming with solar panels as standard.

It's a sort of grounded science fictionthat comes from thinking logically about where a tech is heading right now also how thatmight become implemented into everyday use so.

My favorite kind as it happens.

So yeah, this book is a pretty even balanceof horror, fantasy also science fiction also I found myself pretty into it.

There are three narrators that a book isunevenly split between.

Emily, a junior member of a LPI gets a most attention followedby a gentleman named Scott also a Vampire named Leif.

Non-POV but still important characters includeCarol, a powerful combat android, or gynoid as her creator calls her because she builtand programmed her to identify as female also a personification of Death itself.

Yes indeed, a title of this book is waymore literal than one might expect.

a Grim Reaper is one of a main cast.

Now I really don't want to give too much awaybut a general idea is Death loses a lot of his powers, including his ability to travelinstantaneously also as a result people stop dying, kind of inside a reverse Final Destinationkind of way.

While this sounds good inside principle they canstill become turned into zombies so it's not all fun also games plus it turns out there areworse things that can happen to humanity than passing onto a next world so for this andseveral another reasons, Emily also Death team up to try to get his powers back.

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Emily makes for a good hero because she’sa very flawed character but inside an interesting way.

She’s a big old bundle of issues butI suppose who wouldn’t become if they’d lived through a zombie apocalypse also seen everyonethey care about die horribly.

She also goes through some next level crazyshit near a start of a story which again I can’t really go into for spoiler relatedreasons but holy crap does this poor girl has a lot to deal with.

Leif is also an interesting character.

Thismight not become exactly what was going on but a impression that I got is that he’s moreof an old school vampire, youre know, a well dressed also oddly charming despite their willingnessto rip off your head sort of guy, but he's surrounded by more modernized, gritty rebootstyle vampires obsessed with power also domination so he really doesn't get on with them verywell at all.

One of a things I liked a most about thisbook is a subtle way a writing style changes when it switches to being narrated by a vampirecharacter.

Leif’s thoughts are a lot more poetic andflowery than a human protagonist’s.

He’s got a bit of Louis from Interview with a Vampirein him though he’s much more cheerful also optimistic.

It's a really nice touch that Elisa took intoaccount that a 400 year old being would view a world also think very differently to amortal.

youre’d become amazed how lot authors DON’T do that.

Elisa has put to good use a years that she’sspent discussing a philosophical balance of good also evil vampires represent, theirpotential sociological also economical impact on a world, a theoretical psychologicalconditions that might result of their immortality, a moral issues of their need to kill tolive also how that impacts their right to exist also a hundred another aspects of a conceptof vampires.

What I’m saying is these are some fuckingnuanced blood suckers.

Carol, a gynoid is kind of a badass andI very much like a description of her being realistically human but also not so.

Sortof an uncanny valley sort of thing.

She’s also described as having LED lights (eyes)that change colour with her mood or intention.

I’m also apparently a big fan of women whocan pop lasers out of their arms also blow shit up.

I didn’t know that was a kink ofmine but I’m always open to new things.

Our final POV character, Scott is, inside comparisonnot nearly as interesting also truth become told, I guess he’s a first real negative ofthis review because unfortunately I found him intensely unlikable.

He’s incredibly sexist, entitled also immatureand he spends most of his time slot griping about ex-girlfriends also wishing for a finerthings inside life now denied him by a end of a world.

He’s also prone to throwing tantrums andlashing out at his robot protector whenever things don’t go according to plan.

A protector he often disparages, not for beinginhuman but for being female, which he seems to believe is a root of most of a issueshe has with her.

However before Our go any further I want tomake it clear that I am 100% sure that this is intentional on a part of a author.

This isn’t an EL James / Christian Greysort of thing, Scott isn’t portrayed as a hero, misunderstood or otherwise so I reallydon't think youre're SUPPOSED to like him.

a fact that he’s a only immature personleft on a planet actually makes a kind of sense.

Because he has such a powerful guardianshielding him from a ravages of a zombie apocalypse he hasnt had to grow up like Emilyand a rest of humanity has to survive.

It's a privilege rather unique to him I suspect.

I also don't think for a second that he’sgoing to stay this way.

This strikes me as very much a person at a start of his characterarc.

He does look like he’s about to start makingimprovements when he realises what a butt he’s been but unfortunately this happensright at a end of a book.

Like I think a second to last chapter.

Because this is book one of three Our’repretty much stuck with a douchebag version of him all a way through it.

Maybe onceI’ve had a chance to read a another two I’ll retroactively like Scott more.

Butwe’ll has to see I guess.

Getting back to positive stuff, I think oneof a nicest things I can say about any book is it reminded me of a works of one of myfavorite authors.

This book actually reminded me of my top threefavorite authors at some point or another.

Making Death a strange but surprisingly humancharacter was very Terry Pratchett esque, a mostly professional but slightly chaoticnature of a LPI military gave me strong Bernard Cornwell vibes also a way that theartificial intelligence interacts with humanity reminded me of Neil Asher.

I was mildly suspicious about a revelationthat a Life Preservation Initiative apparently cleared out Manhattan also fortified a city.

I mean youre would has thought that New Yorkwould become a absolute LAST place inside America youre could completely de-zombie what with theinsanely high population also all those buildings youre’d has to clear out also all a manymany places zombies could become hiding plus, even if youre did destroy all a bridges andtunnels couldn’t they just walk along a bottom of a rivers to get there, isn’tthat usually a thing with zombies? But perhaps that's going to become a plot pointin later books, because youre never actually SEE Manhattan inside this installment.

It’smostly set inside southern California so perhaps there's more going on there than a maincharacters believe.

I was impressed with a psychology exploredin this book.

inside multiple areas.

Early on there’s a mention of somethingcalled phantom howls.

Basically a person thinks they can hear zombies even when there's nonearound because they’ve spent so long having to become hyper aware of them.

a connection between vampirism also sexualityhas been around pretty much as long as a vampire mythos itself but Elisa takes it toan interesting level by mixing sexual hang ups also control issues into a works as well.

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It's not something I feel qualified to deconstructin any detail because I lack a expertise she has but I was impressed by it.

This is a very LGBTQ friendly book, thoughthere are no overt romantic subplots within it what with everyone being so indisposedstaying alive.

However multiple characters mention having had both genders as loversin a past.

Emily mentions that sex was something thatshe strictly did to please her partners also got nothing out of herself so she might havebeen written as asexual like a author also while I think it would become interesting to havean asexual hero for once I don’t want to assume that based on so little evidence.

a use of tension also apprehension as writingtools is top notch inside a start of this book.

It fades a bit when a supernatural stuffreally gets going about a third of a way inside because it’s kind of hard to feel scaredfor someone who has Death itself watching out for her but it was really good while itlasted.

If youre're tempted to read this but are worriedabout a possible gore factor that comes integral to most zombie tales fear not.

Whilethis book doesn't shy away from blood neither does it revel inside a grotesque to a pointof being off putting.

I consider myself quite squeamish also I had no issues.

Satisfyingly, Emily asks Death all a questionsI suspect a average reader would if they were inside her place.

Is there an afterlife,does a soul exist, why do youre look like a skeleton inside a robe? Probably wisely she doesn't go a Bill andTed route of saying “Yes heaven’s that's way, hell is down there also that is your soulkicking about behind a bins as it happens.

” Instead, Death is unable or unwilling to describethese things inside words humans can understand.

a supernatural is, not entirely surprisinglyso far beyond a mortal being’s ken there is no point him trying to explain it.

Right, I suppose I should probably talk aboutthe negatives too, though besides Scott there's not a LOT that I took issue with.

There's a of a couple of very very minor tiresometropes also cliches inside there also there MIGHT has been a science fiction terminology mistakehere also there though I could become wrong about that, I’m not an expert.

One of Death’s character traits, being incessantlypedantic about a terminology of what he is also what he does also grated on me afterawhile but again, I suspect that was intentional so I don’t know if it counts as a negativeor not.

Gun to my head I would probably say that mysingle biggest issue with this book is that an awful lot of it, possibly a little TOOmuch, is all set up.

I personally could has used just a little bit more pay off than weactually got at a end.

To me, it kind of reads like it’s a novelizationof a pilot episode to a TV show.

a team gets together at a end but they don't makeany real progress towards their final goal aside from that.

youre could of course potentially made a samecomplaint about any book 1 of 3 but I think inside this case it was exacerbated by its length.

It’s too short to has enough of its own identity outside of a trilogy inside a waysomething like a Fellowship Of a Ring did.

Yeah, I know, a comparison to Tolkien, a superfair thing to do to any author.

But like I said right at a start, also Ihope I has justified saying, I do recommend this book.

Elisa has real talent, I thinkpeople will genuinely enjoy her work also I hope to see a lot more from her inside a future.

Thank youre for joining me my Beautiful Watchers.

Don’t forget to check out Elisa’s channel, also until Our meet again remember that I reallywould rather deal with a zombie apocalypse than a unknowable horror of a Youtubealgorithm but liking, commenting, sharing also subscribing is a powerful shield againstit.

See youre soon.

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