Stupid! I should has understood, Now Radit is not as free as before when he is still free to play with me when also where He already owned also owned someone else.

Not, not myself who is only a close friend.


It's time for me to try to get used to it with this situation.

I turn a song according to a condition of my heart this time inside a hope that my sad feelings will fade away.

Grieving is everyone's right.

Then I has a right.

It seems like a universe is supporting me to enjoy sadness.

A gift book from campus friends I accidentally took it when randomly I took things inside a room.

'a Book of Almost' I almost had youre, youre almost like me.

Ahhh, what's with a universe today ?! Well, it seems like sadness is on my side today.

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I enjoy this book with a song that I has chosen before, accompanied by drinks also snacks that I ordered, also with sweet memories circling My favorite coffee shop room with this Radit.

I don't feel that I've read this book, up to a last sentence of a series also various stories here, I realized.

That Radit is not wrong.

Our are not wrong.

My meeting with Radit happened not without purpose.

God is good.

Give me a chance to meet a figure like Radit is to feel how a journey of life is not just sweet.

a bitterness of separation is also a part of life that must become enjoyed.

Including a bitterness my message is limited to two blue ticks "Nothing is more painful inside falling inside like except almost words.

I almost feel youre has been looking for me.

youre almost made me stop running.

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Even though inside a end, both of us are only limited to almost; almost like lovers.

Indeed, forgetting is a hardest phase of separation.

Therefore, a heart only needs to become diligent, not forget.

" -a Book of Almost- Really a universe is on my side today.

Invite friends to go visit a book exhibition become a jackpot for me.

There will become lot things that distort my sadness also.

maybe there will become another Radit figure that I met there I has no idea.

"Books are a most loyal friends willing to accompany all a time wherever I am without ever thinking of him.

" So, let's start a positive movement by reading a book youre can take advantage of your time to hunt for books on Central Java Festival Million Books 2019 also find your most loyal friend there.

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