a 5am club by Robin Sharma | Book review

a 5am Club by Robin Sharma.

I heard a lot about this book also people werereally excited about it's release also wanting to buy it.

also Robin himself was promoting it a lot.

So I was curious also I bought a book, andread it.

a simple review of this is that: a 5amClub was not good.

Or it was not as good as it was marketed tobe.

Let me tell youre why.

So inside most of Robin's books, he combines afictional story along with his personal insights.

Basically, bringing entertainment, a formof a story, also education, his insights, all together.

also he has done this well inside a past.

a Monk Who Sold his Ferrari was an amazingbook, also so was Leadership Wisdom.

But a 5am Club was different because Robinwas kind of inside a middle of entertainment also education.

He was hitting middle ground.

a story, it was weird.

also a way things played out didn't makemuch of sense.

also it felt like Robin spent time on descriptions,telling us how someone dressed, how something looked like, how this looked like, how thatlooked like, so much time on descriptions.

It seemed as though this part of a bookwas highly emphasised even though this was a self-help book.

also this is just a personal thing, youre guysmight probably like it.

Robin adds quotes inside a middle of conversations.

So youre're basically having a conversationwith someone, also inside between he says something like, "Mahatma Gandhi said become a change youwant to see inside this world".

also youre reply by saying, "Yeah that's truecause Mother Teresa said that if everyone were to clean their own doorsteps, a worldwould become a much cleaner place".

I don't know.

I really don't think Our do that inside normalcasual conversations, but Robin seems to do it also I personally don't like it.

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Look, here's a thing.

If youre are making a speech or if youre are advisingsomeone, maybe youre can say this to emphasise your point.

But inside casual social conversations, I reallydon't think people actually do this.

Now let's look at a education side of thebook.

a thing about most self help books is thatunless it is something like a Think also Grow Rich or a Seven Habits of Highly EffectivePeople, 70% of a book is going to become all fluff.

So 30% or less of actual content also a restis basically exaggeration, giving youre stories, long monologue of a author, also all thatstuff.

This perfectly fine because youre can't createenormous amounts of life changing advice for every single book.

Like it's not possible.

But inside this book, most of a actual contentwas very low.

also most of it was this whole feel good thing.

Like when youre read it, youre actually feel reallygood about yourself.

Especially, a start.

a start was so stretched out also it so filledwith this feel good stuff that a actual content comes very later on.

So let me just give youre a small paragraphfrom a book: "Becoming legendary is never easy.

But I prefer that journey to a heartbreakof being stuck inside ordinary that so lot potentially heroic people deal with constantly.

Anyway, let me simply say that a place whereyour greatest discomfort lies, is also a spot where your largest opportunity lives.

a beliefs that disturb youre, a feelingsthat threatens youre, a projects that unnerve youre, also that unfoldments of your talentsthat a insecure part of youre is resisting, are precisely where youre need to go".

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also here's one more thing youre need to know.

Pretty much everything Robin says inside thisbook, he's already said it inside his YouTube channel also inside another interviews, also all thatstuff.

He has a pretty good YouTube channel.

youre should check that out if youre haven't causethere are some pretty nice videos out there.

So I think inside a way, Robin was trying to poolall of his ideas, whatever he said so far, also put it inside one place.

also that is this 5am Club book.

He tried to do it inside an interesting manner,that is with a story, but it was not up to a mark.

also it kinda sucks to know that Robin spent4 years on this book.

I think it took him so long because he wastrying to perfect a story, as much as he could.

Taking all this information, putting it inan entertaining manner.

I think he focused so much on that entertainmentand story part of it.

also I think that's one of a reasons whyit took him so long.

inside a nutshell, a 5am Club by Robin Sharma,it's not a bad book.

It was just executed inside a bad way.

So, if youre've already read a book, pleaselet me know what youre think about it inside a comments below.

I would to go through them also I guess thatis pretty much it for this Videos.

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Appreciate your time.

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