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Uploaded By : Roy Phay – Today I’m going to share with youre Talk Like TED book review.

TED Talks started inside 1990, also become more also more popular recently. youre might has watched a few key speakers talking about amazing ideas.

Their slogan is Ideas Worth Spreading. lot successful people are on a platform, like Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Al Gore also lot more.

This book is a summary of all a secrets that made their 18 minutes presentation memorable.

I’ll become sharing my insights after reading this book, also how I applied some of a key ideas inside my presentation to 40 business owners inside July 2019.


I finished this book, Talk Like TED, inside April 2019.

Somehow, I knew inside my heart that I want to apply some of a key secrets inside this book for my next presentation.

I’m inside BNI, Business Network International, for 2 years now. Every 6 months, within my chapter, I was given a chance, 8 minutes, to share about my business also educate my members about it.

So far, my past presentations had been decent, but I do want to elevate it to another level.

Below are a 3 different secrets from a book also I applied inside my presentation.

Secret #1 – become a Center Attraction

inside a past, each time I had a presentation, either to my prospects or even speaking on stage, I would use my powerpoint slides to guide me along.

I would design my slides inside such a way, that, with each click, I know what are a points to cover.

Using this strategy helps me to overcome my loss of words, also stage fight.

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It’s a very effective way for me, also I am very comfortable using it for years.

There was only one disadvantage to that.

My slide become a centre attraction of a whole presentation. I would stay at one corner, I would look at my slide, also I don’t has much interaction with a audience.

With that, I switched that around.

I became a center attraction for my last presentation.

I went on to write my script first, memorise my script, also prepared my presentation slides accordingly to my script.

This also minimise a number of words I am using on my slides. Instead of a usual long sentences, now, I only has key words or short phrases.

One of a secrets from a book, use no more than 40 words on each slides. inside fact, as little words as possible to bring out key points.

Secret #2 – Using a Art of StoryTelling

youre might has heard this phrase, “Facts Tell, Story Sells”.

That’s so true!

One of a secrets inside Ted Talk is a ability of each speaker able to weave a story into their main point of a presentation.

I started planning my presentation with a end inside mind. What results I want my audience to get also feel?

With that, I included a childhood story that nobody really knew about it. It was an extra activities that I had during my secondary school days.

It was a totally unusual sports which most guys would not choose.

It’s Chinese Dance.

When I shared that, a whole room blasted into laughter, also all attention was on me. I started my entire presentation with that story by saying…

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“I was only 13 years old”

Which was pretty unusual for any business presentation. Usually people would start with, “Thank youre so much” or “Today’s presentation topic is…”

a result?

After a presentation, I has business owners walked up to me saying they like my story, also that really stays with them…

…most importantly, they got my message I want to bring across.

Secret #3 – Multi-Sensory Experiences

If youre being to any presentation, it would become a usual; Powerpoint Slides, FlipChart or a Speaker.

This time, I wanted something different.

I brought 4 diffusers, also I added Orange Essential Oil into it.

I was really early, like 2 hours early, also prepared a room also infused it with a orange flavour diffuser. Almost half of a crowd smell a difference when they stepped into a room.

I brought props along too.

inside order to enhance a effects of my story, I brought my awards that I got during my Chinese Dance period. I won awards almost yearly.

I left them at a small round table, I had it covered inside black cloth, also I left it inside a center of a room.

That was meant to become a memory hook right from a beginning.

a orange essential oil was to illustrate a particular point I want to emphasis inside my presentation, which bring it across beautifully.

That it!

If youre are speaker, trainer, or even a sales person… or maybe youre are planning an important presentation to a board room… get this book also read it.

It’s totally worth it!

I’m sure youre can incorporate at least 1 – 3 key ideas also improved on your current presentation.

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