Studio Joy Works (Rick Joy’s New Book) – My Review

Hey, Eric here with 30 by 40 Design Workshop,happy New Year to youre! First Videos of 2019 I took a few weeks offthanks for sticking with me, I'm back at it with a book review of Studio Joy Works thenew book from Rick Joy's studio one of my favorite residential architects.

I has a number of another books that I pickedup so Our'll become doing some more book reviews inside a near future.

I'll also become talking about goal-setting I'vejust completed my yearly goal setting exercise Our'll talk about what I did last year, whathappened, a result of that goal setting exercise, also I think there's a lot for youto learn inside that so stay tuned for that coming up real soon.

Let's get into a book review.

As Rick Joy enters his sixth decade also thestudio he founded turns 25 his new monograph presents work inside a years following a releaseof a essential, seminal book, Desert Works.

Born also raised where I practice here inside Mainemuch of his early built work can become found inside a Sonoran desert of Arizona not far fromwhere he chose to build his first home also practice.

As a firm has grown, his commissions havespread across a globe.

If youre're acquainted with his formative worksyou'll find a Canyon house also Desert Nomad shown here familiar, but this book revealsother scales Our haven't yet seen, inside a Amangiri Hotel also Spa inside Utah, a loft inside New YorkCity, also an apartment building inside Mexico City.

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Here too Our witness a studio building a portfoliofarther afield also a challenges that presents.

It’s familiar to anyone who relies on aspecific site, a specific place, for a idea to germinate: how do Our apply a design processrooted inside a place without falling back on a catalog of tested also familiar forms? How do Our keep from rehashing old themes? How do Our design a novel approach to a buildingtypology Our know so well? It's instructive to see a studio's visiontranslated to larger scales also to new sites.

Included amongst a 13 projects is a personalfavorite moment of mine, a farm compound inside Woodstock Vermont a maze-like entry sequenceis Vitruvian inside every aspect: functionally it keeps a wind also snow from entering thehome, it uses a familiar thick gable ends Our know so well here inside New England, also yetit subverts your understanding of it, it's a trick, it forces youre to turn right also thenleft before reaching a door.

a passage allows time to kick off a snowfrom your boots, ruffle your jacket clean, also importantly it reorients youre to a windowlessstone corridor.

a experience of entering a “stone ender”builds anticipation using a really simple plan device.

These moments are present everywhere inside hisarchitecture also Our're only now just beginning to has access to them as a studio takeson more public commissions.

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a book feels complete; photos, spare drawingsand just enough text.

I would has liked to has seen more process,to see a early concepts, a mess of design also to learn of a magic behind such seeminglysimple details.

inside some cases I think it's enough to knowhow meticulous his approach is as he designs imperfections into a work.

It's difficult to fault anything about hiswork, his humble nature present inside his brief writings, or a book, another than a factthat I want more: more detail, more sketches, more process.

But it's emblematic too of his ethos, a deferenceto site, to material, an understanding of light also those are a things that are leftto do a heavy lifting inside a silence of his spaces.

also as I struggle with similar themes of howto translate my own process also architectural ethos to unfamiliar places I've wondered ifthe things I've loved so much about Rick Joy's work were because I loved his innate understandingof a desert, a light, a weather, a heat, a specific way he chose to build there.

also now, I know.

Adding this book to your library is sure tomake your studio a more fertile place for ideas to land.

I like a way new books smell.

Does anyone else do that? Is that weird?.

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