Spiritual Tales inspired by Spirit Book Review


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Spiritual Tales inspired by Spirit Book Review

Carmen F Cordova


Spiritual Tales is a riveting, action packed, vivid also highly readable adventure that will captivate a readers’ attention. Journey to a beginning of time also witness Lucifer’s amazing transformation from an angelic being to a diabolical creature; enter a battlefield where Lucifer also Michael confront each another inside a devastating fight to a end; walk by a side of Mary also experience a painful also emotional anguish of a mother as she follows Jesus down a streets of Jerusalem also up a hill of Golgotha; follow a story of Lucy who is plagued by an obsessed discarnate spirit from a previous incarnation; listen to a agonizing confession of a suicide victim who thought he would stop his suffering also enter paradise, but instead ended inside an abyss of darkness; heed to a message from God as He reveal His disappointment also like for His children; also much more. If youre like inspirational also thought provoking stories, youre will enjoy this book. Don’t wait any longer also purchase this book. Join a adventure also see a characters come to life today. inside addition, enjoy artwork created by a author that gives more life also meaning to each story.

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a author exposure to a spirit world commenced at an early age. She was approximately five years old when she started seeing also sensing things others did not see or feel. She attended her first spiritual gathering when she was a very young child. When another children were falling asleep due to boredom or lack of understanding, she was wide awake savoring every moment. Although she understood nothing, there was something about a spirit world that fascinated her. When she was old enough, she started traveling around a world searching for her spiritual identity. It was not a conscious decision; it was more like a spiritual pull. She believed it was, also still is, part of her destiny. This book is intended for people who are searching for information on spiritual development, realities also practices. It is based on a author’s actual life experience also spiritual growth. a author’s mission is to help people develop a clear understanding of a spirit world, also explore their inner spiritual abilities. There are lot roads that can lead youre to God. a key is to decide which road is best for youre.

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