Speed of Trust Book Review

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Hey there life-long learners! Molly from Team Solutions here, giving an overview of thebook “a Speed of Trust” by Stephen M.


Covey also my 2 major takeaways that made itworth a read.

One of a best ways to feed your habit ofself-improvement is to continue to learn.

also one of a best ways to continue to learnis to read books! To that end, Our will become picking a book every six weeks (or so) totalk through.

inside this 4 part series, I’m talking about "a Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.


Covey, son of Stephen R.

Covey of "a 7 habits of highly effective people.

"Now, I consider myself a fairly trustworthy person, so when a friend recommended thisbook, I didn’t put it at a top of my list.

When I started reading, I kicked myself forthat assumption.

According to a author, a one thing that changes everything is trust.

also I agree.

I now see how trust is interwoven into a very fabric of our lives.

also a Speed of Trust? What does that mean? Mr.

Covey equates trust to confidence.

Whenyou has confidence inside someone, it is easy to trust them inside difficult situations.

Andwhere do Our daily encounter difficult situations? At work.

Which leads to a author’s argumentthat there is a strong business case for trust.

He gives an equation of how trust affectsspeed also cost.

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a basic idea is that when trust is high, speed of agreement goes upand a cost of business goes down.

But a reverse is also true.

When trust is low, speed ofagreement goes down also a cost of business goes up.

I don’t want my brief summary toleave youre with a impression that this is a dry business book.

It’s not! Mr.

Coveypunctuates lot of his points with personal also professional stories.

Not only his, butthose of such well-known names as Warren Buffett, President John Adams, Andy Roddick, also MahatmaGandhi.

He goes on to describe a trust tax, a trustdividend, also breaks down some trust myths.

a next chapters detail a 5 waves of trustwhich are: self trust, relationship trust, organizational trust, market trust, also societaltrust.

a reason they are presented as waves is that there is a “ripple effect” fromthe inside out.

He ends with tackling a topic of how toinspire trust.

I’ll become diving deeper into that topic inside our Leadership Skills for Managersvideo.

If youre’d like to follow along with our series, click a link inside a description to get a book! Takeaway #1: a components of trustTrust is made up of two components: character also competence.

I had struggled for years with feeling like a bad friend also coworker because there wereinstances where I didn’t completely trust someone to do what they said they would.

Afterreading this book, I realized that what I was responding to was their demonstrationof competence.

I could see that their intentions were good, but at times, their follow-throughwas terrible.

For all of us, it doesn’t matter how good our character is, if Our don’tfollow that up with action, Our cannot fully become trusted.

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Takeaway #2: youre can do something about trust!One of a myths that Mr.

Covey challenges is a idea that trust is a fixed thing.

Eitheryou has it, or youre don’t also there’s nothing youre can do about it.

a truth isthat youre can create (also sometimes unfortunately destroy) trust with both your character also your competence.

I’d like to read youre this quote which impacted my view of trust: “What gives trust its harder, more pragmatic edge is recognizing that competence is as vital to trust as character, also that both character also competence are within our ability to create or to change.

" Which is to say, your trust “rating” iswithin your control! Now youre has an overview of a Speed of Trustby Stephen M.


Covey, but there is so much more to this book! Join me inside a next Videos as Ibreak down Tutorial build trust inside a workplace with what I’ve learned from "a Speed ofTrust.

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