Sorcerer’s Screed Book Review

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also today I'm going to made a book review- this read little devil – Sorceress screed but before Our start I want to show youre a book itself so youre can intimately know a creature a sorceress screed a very fitting title because this written work from start to finish is indeed an Expression of a very strong statement just like a author of a book himself who was known for his tenacious criticism of Christianity Sorceress Creed or Galdraskraeda was first published inside 1940 also now graphically redrawn by Arnar Fells Gunnarsson, a graphic designer Notice this detail, a stave to become able to read inside a dark This book was written by Jochum Magnús Eggertsson, notoriously known by his nickname "Skuggi" – "shadow" This collection contains some of a most popular spells But a great majority are sigils not often explored inside a academic field of studies of Icelandic magical staves Magical staves or sigils inside red because there is something about red on white that visually it's quite pleasant Each stave followed by a spell also inside some cases a method on Tutorial use it – written inside runes also then below a English translation all inside all it's a very well presented work All right for quite some time I've been wanting to get my hands on this book but Unfortunately, it's a bit expensive but with a help of my patrons also their support on a patreon platform I was finally able to get it Thank youre very much, my good friends So a first thing youre ought to know about this book Is that a great majority of a magical staves inside it cover a school of white magic So inside terms of black magic, youre won't find much inside here however a surviving magical staves range between 200 also 300 also this volume contains a pretty decent collection of Magical staves most of which youre won't easily find inside another books concerning Icelandic magical staves So even focusing almost exclusively inside one type of magic youre won't find inside any another book this much information concerning magical staves also sigils Just one quick note I feel a need to express my opinion on white also black magic I've made this statement before also inside my honest opinion I do not believe inside white or black magic to me here is only power Our harness through Sorcery through our own skills also through our hard work also by focusing our mind into a subject Our are a ones to give it a purpose, give a purpose to power, become that good or bad however, theoretically speaking Our must label white gray also black inside order to construct boundaries also categories to help distinguishing one thing from a another But one cannot exist without a another Let's put it inside these terms How can youre heal a disease if youre don't understand a disease itself? If youre don't know Tutorial curse, how do youre know Tutorial heal it? So consider this book a guide, a starting point inside a studies of such subjects a so-called school of white magic is a basis of sorcery or a black arts So youre need a basics youre need to train both your hand also your mind before proceeding to a next step so I think a choices of magical staves inside this book are quite clever also made this book an Introductory pillar to support a foundations of what comes next However, some of a examples youre will find inside here youre will immediately think "hang on this cannot become white magic This is pretty dark".

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So yes, some examples are very dark, but not as dark when compared to- Objects of study inside a black arts As I've said this gives youre a basics for a next level Sorceress Creed is a compilation of Spells from lot different texts compiled by Skuggi, a author of this book Now as youre know magical staves are a product of a revival also consolidation of Western also Eastern Magical arts also rituals influenced by classical models Since a 15th century there was a great flourishment of magical staves also a closer they get to our contemporary times a lot of doubts come to a surface also Our start to question a legitimacy of a symbols because at a certain point Our stop being able to Track a origins of a symbols also a spells So a 20th century compilation of magical staves Immediately made me doubt a authenticity of a work However, after comparing a symbols within a book with another sources Grimoires also manuscripts it seems to me this work is pretty accurate However, there are certain cases inside here that it's just impossible to know a origins also Our are Unable to track a origins of a rituals Fewer than a dozen examples- all inside all it seems credible What youre will find inside here is a compilation of lot inventions of magical staves also Mysterious runes, some of which are codes to safely hide a practice of sorcery a magical staves aren't a work of a single individual but lot of different generations That tried to acquire knowledge out of a established religious beliefs so what youre has inside here is a wonderful variety of attempts to acquire knowledge through another means some of which quite successful youre will find beautiful illustrations inside here also Take notice These has been redrawn from a original manuscripts also redrawn again for this book So instead of handmade crooked lines also stains all over a place youre has- a generally clean presentation inside here So that's it my good friends my review on this book I definitely recommend this book because it will raise loads of questions that will immediately made youre want to seek a answers also that's a entire purpose of acquiring knowledge A Very special thanks to all of my patrons who helped me to acquire this book also a Special thanks to a subscribers of this channel, of course Thank youre so much for watching.

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