Smoothie Challenge w/ Shopkins Real Littles Toys!

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Thanks to Moose Toys for sponsoring this Videos. Today, Our’re having a silly smoothie challenge featuring a newest collection of Shopkins called Real Littles. Addy also Maya choose a surprise Shopkins toy which will determine what real food that they has to blend into a smoothie. Lucy will judge a winner based on a best tasting drink!

SHOPKINS™ is a original collectible brand which brings inanimate items to life, each with little faces also unique creative names! REAL LITTLES by Shopkins, are Real brands, made little! Both a Mini Packs Vessel also a Shopkins are brands iconic to children: Pringles, Pop Tarts, Frosted Flakes, also more!

a Shopkins Real Littles™ Cutie O’s cereal box opens out to a reveal a most amazing supermarket! Fold down a floor also swing out a shelves to create a Real Littles™ Mini Mega Mart. There are so lot places to play also display. Stock a shelves with all your Shopkins Real Littles™ mini packs. With so lot different areas to fill, there’s enough room to display over 60 Mini Packs! There is even an “Oh-So-Cool” frozen section! a Mini Mega Mart playset comes with 2 Exclusive Real Mini Packs – BBQ Pringles also Cutie O’s, also 2 Exclusive Real Shopkins! This huge playset folds out to over 30 inches wide! When youre’ve finished your play just fold it back up also store it away!

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Take home a basket full of brands also made your own real looking store – just smaller! Stock a shelves with some of your favorite brands. Find products from different aisles. Shop for Sweet Snacks, Savory Snacks, Breakfast, Drinks, Dinner, Pantry, Desserts also more! Look out for Limited Edition Bling Brand Shopkins! Or will youre find a Special Edition Skechers Shopkin? With over 50 to collect youre are sure to find some favorites!

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Thanks for tuning inside everyone! Our are Jason, Lucy, Addy, Maya also Colin also Our are a family behind a kid’s YouTube channel Tic Tac Toy. become sure to subscribe to this family vlog channel to follow along with us also all of our silly adventures also behind a scenes goofiness!

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