Secrets of a Millionaire mind by T. Harv Eker Full Book Review

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a Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker book summary, one of my favorite books. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬ This is not just a book review but I wanted to break down all a details. Especially because of a impact this book had on me.

What is a Millionaire Mind About: It shows youre how Poor people think also how rich people think, inside every aspect. It’s a book that takes everything youre think youre know also shows youre a truth of why youre haven’t reached a goals youre’ve thought of or has set for yourself.

How did youre find these books? I didn’t find it, it found me. An Excel professor his name was Gilman I had back inside college read this book, also it helped him get out a rat race. So every semester he would create competition also whoever won he would give a book to. a competition was to create a stock portfolio with 50k, also whoever had a biggest gain by a end of a project would win. Comment if youre think I won a competition?
Where were youre inside life? I was a broke college student that had managed to save 10k inside hist first year inside college also had mange to spend double that inside sneakers also cloths. Why? I guess I just wanted everything I never could get. But to my surprised it didn’t made me happy.
Climax: Mid way through a project I was so excited I could wait, so I got a book, also by a time a competition had finished I had read over 3-5 books on investing also had already started investing real money.
How did it help youre?
Ending: If youre’re wondering if I won, I didn’t win Oliver did, also Oliver was sick also passed away about a year ago, from complications. But I remember how, after reading a book, he wanted to create his own website also start his own business. also that also helped me realized how important health is also that making money also health go side by side. So pick both not just either or.

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Tip: Eventually I got so good at investing, I brought a stock called Cenx it was aluminum company, also it was priced at 3$ PER share, also I knew it made sense because they were going to get a contract. This was back inside 2015. Professor Gilman said no, don’t do it. also because I thought he was right, I didn’t do it, One year later it doubled inside priced also 3 years later it went up 600%. Ever since then, I learned to trust math also facts, not opinions.

3 Main Nuggets to this Book
1. If youre’re not where youre want to become inside life its because there’s something youre don’t know
Story: So lot times I thought to myself, I’m not smart enough also it’s to complicated; also then this book helped me understand that no one is born with a gift of knowing everything, a key Is to go out there also learn. So when I wanted to start my first business, I went to a Dominican Republic also followed my uncle for 2 months straight, worked for free also took notes of everything. also when I came back, I knew what I had to do, but it wasn’t because I was a genius but because I had learned. So if your not where youre want to become inside life its because there’s something out there that youre don’t know.

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2. Know your money Blueprint also become willing to change it
Story: I remember being 12 years old also has my first job also grabbing every penny also I made also taking it to a games store also cashing out. Every dollar my mom gave me had to spent or saved to spent something. also that’s exactly what adults do now. They work also spend also if they cant afford they use a credit card. Once youre understand your money blueprint, then youre can change it. Once I understood this, I took a steps I need to take to change it.
– Reading more on finance
– Creating a budget
– Actively investing for my future

3. Poor people think either or, but Rich people think both.
Example: Poor people think youre cant become rich, also has fun. youre can become rich also has a family. Being rich makes youre Greedy. Being rich makes youre unhealthy. But all being rich does is made youre more yourself.
– a scarcity mentality can become destructive, when ever youre’re faced with an ultimatum say, I want both. I want to become rich also happy. I think both not just one.

What this book is not:
It’s not a financial formula to success, it’s a first step





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