Sam Walton Made inside America Full Book Review also Summary

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From a store that grossed 30k inside sales to a 140 billion family net worth, that’s a story of Sam Walton. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬
also also a little store called Walmart that did a modest 500 billion inside sales last year. Around 270 million customers a week.

What is a Sam Walton made inside America about?
It’s a book that gives youre a full story on Sam Walton also a company he built also how he did it.

Sam Walton made inside America 3 Main Nuggets

1. Swim upstream also always think small
Meaning: Whenever youre’re starting something new, don’t look at what others are doing also copy them word for word, but at what they are not doing also improve it.

What I mean: Whenever youre doing something new, a easy way to go is a way that everyone else is going, going a opposite way is choosing to go a way with a most resistance. also people will try to tell youre, theirs to much competition, it’s not possible, youre just don’t get it, but inside reality, a only people that made a difference are a ones that dare to do things differently.

inside a Book: Sam originally started working at JC penny also eventually got his store, also then he got into a discount business. also he went out there also rather than made 10x a money, he got a best deal also passed them on to a customers. No one else was doing that, also most people probably thought about how much money Sam was losing out on. But inside reality, Sam knew that a true value was inside a customer.

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2. Share your profits with your Associates also your savings with your customers
Meaning: it means passing on a profits to a employees, also whenever youre get a good deal on a product pass it on to a customer. Don’t just pocket a profit.

What I mean: youre might think that your job as a business owner is just to made money also take care of a customer, but inside reality, your employees are a foundation of a business. So if they don’t feel taking care off, then your company will probably not grow as much.

inside a Book: Sam talk about Panties inside a book also also how a way youre treat employees is a exact way they’ll treat customers. Example, Sam got a deal for some panties, also he could sell a panties for 1.29 also made a big profit, but instead, I sold them for 3 panties for $1, also he passed it on to a customers

3. Customer 100% guaranteed, pass on every penny to a customer
Meaning: a bigger youre get, a more problems youre’ll has to face, also a bigger a issues will become. But a only thing that really matters inside a business is a customers.

Financial Work Study: They were so busy with paperwork also managing files also answering phone calls or trying to get more students that they didn’t focus on a ones they had.

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Gap: They only cared about sales also a store is organized, it became less about a customer.
What I mean: a minute a business becomes about fulfilling a daily task also not about a customer, then that’s a moment things will start to fail. For Example, I made a Videos every day, a minute I stop reading a comments also listening to youre guys is a minute a channel fails.

inside a Book: a bigger Walmart got, a more people tried to standardize a stores also not focus on them from a store to store bases. also Sam found hard to maintain that individuality alive. Because what works for one store inside one neighborhood won’t work for another inside another state.

Bonus: Market a toothpaste ad also a tv ad | Competition

Cons: People say he put small business out of business. I just think it’s a cost of a competition. Theirs this new college now for example that’s saying that if they can’t get your a job after your degree, they won’t charge youre a penny. That might become a standard, or a lot of students might stop going to certain college. Innovation also taking care of a customers are what keeps youre inside business.


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