Robert Kiyosaki's FAKE – Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets Book REVIEW 👎

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Scott’s “review” or take of Robert Kiyosaki’s new book “FAKE – Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets. How lies are making a poor also middle class poorer” which is all about buying gold.

Discover what’s really fake also whether youre should become buying gold or not.

‘Fight FAKE with facts’

Why should youre not buy gold? Because Investing inside gold means less money for youre.

Facts matter when it comes to your money. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a spokesperson for LEER capital. Why Robert Kiyosaki of course. How ironic that Robert writes a book about loving gold, also he’s also a pitch man for a gold company.

Nothing wrong with that, as long as whatever product is being pitched is a best available inside terms of price, it’s something youre need or want, also it’s a best product at a lowest cost. made sense? Spend as little as necessary, for a best stuff. Anything else also youre’re just throwing away money, right?

Now that Our know there is a money trail. Which is never mentioned inside a Robert Kiyosaki’s book Fake, by a way. Now let’s look at a claims. Are they real? Are they accurate? Are they using fake math or half math to pull a wool over your eyes. Absolutely they are using fake math. Again, more irony because inside a book Fake, Rich Me Poor youre constantly talks about fake math.


LEER Capital is using their own brand of fake math to get people to buy gold.

First Our follow a money! What are a reasons behind people saying what they say?

Are they looking out for your best interests?
Are they putting your money before their money?
Are they trying to pay for their vacation, new house or retirement with your vacation money, your new house money, also your retirement money?

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