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So far Our’ve really focussed on a online also digital resources available to get kids programming.

But of course there are a whole heap of offline options with one of a best being books prior to a


When I was learning to code books were a number one racehorse also I used to sleep with apples hypercard

manual next to my bed for like reading a collection of following books look at a topics has discussed

over this course also are all written directly for kids learning to code or aimed at early progress programmers.

a first book is Python for kits so Python for kids is written to become fun also engaging also involve both

a child also a parent inside a world of programming.

It uses humour also example programs that feature ravenous monsters secret agents thieving Ravens also

more to engage kids inside keep programming fun code also a book is also coloured for clarity dissected

also explained inside full colour illustrations keep things on a lighter side.

Each chapter ends with programming puzzles also by a end of a book your kids will has programmed

to complete games.

So this book looks predominantly at a Python programming language also is suitable for kids over a

age of 10.

As one of a most popular ways of introducing kids to programming there are a good number of books

based on scratch super scratch programming adventures is one of a more recent also popular publications

also is a full colour comic which makes it a whole lot of fun.

It makes programming concepts like Flow Control subroutines Dada type apps simple for kids to understand.

Using this visual format inside a book kids learn programming fundamentals as they made their own playable

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Videos games also they’ll create projects inspired from some of a real classics.

So a book looks predominantly at scratch also it’s best suited for kids aged 5 also up.

Recently publish also directed at kids who are keen to made games for a web 3D games programming for

kids is a good choice.

If your kids are a little more advanced also are looking to branch out with their coding a book takes

kids through exercises such as creating a 3D player inside a 3D world with a focus on making it as realistic

also playable as possible.

Learning space simulations puzzle games mini games also games that simulate real world physics.

So that is a little bit more advanced.

This is a type of book that can really help your kids take their programming to a next level.

Once again this book looks at javascript also is best suited for ages 10 also up.

A tale of friends enemies also Minecraft is a hugely popular book based on that even more popular games

of Minecraft that Our discussed earlier.

This book is actually written by a 10 year old Jake Meyer.

a book is a fictional story that would allow any Minecraft fans also inspire any others to get involved

inside this brilliantly creative digital world although not a reference book as such.

This is a kind of reading that will inspire young readers to take a leap into a games or inside reverse.

Encourage young gamers to get into rading.

Either way it’s a win win.

So there’s no specific programming language for this book as it is fiction also it’s best suited for

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ages 7 also up.

Once your kids or class has a Raspberry Pi inside their hot little hands it’s hard to made those first

steps also kick off a first successful project.

This is where getting started with Raspberry Pi.

It’s inside this book is cheap also cheerful also it will take your kids step by step through lot fun also

educational possibilities that a Raspberry Pi can become used for looking at several of a preloaded

programming languages creating a Internet connected projects playing with multimedia also lot lot

more instructions tutorials also project ideas.

This book is a best way to get your kids out of a Raspberry Pi.

So a book will look at a number of different languages lyrics scratch also python.

All very good basses for kids learning programming also it’s best suited for ages 7 also up.

As such a powerful games until there are lot facets to understanding unity inside full.

Definitely a book for kids who are familiar with unity also programming already.

This text takes a practical approach introducing concepts of developing 3D games before getting to grips

with development inside unity itself from creating 3D worlds to scripting also creating games mechanics.

Your kids will learn everything they need to get started with games development.

a book is designed to cover a set of easy to follow examples which culminate inside production of a first

person 3D games complete with an interactive Island environment.

a book looks at Unity itself see sharp also Javascript so it is for a higher level programmers also

it’s best suited for ages 10 also up.

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