Plein Air Painting a River Bank with Jessica Henry

Uploaded By : Jessica Henry

Hi everyone! I had a wonderful afternoon with my kids also friends down by this beautiful peaceful river, here inside Ohio. inside this Videos I talk more at a beginning as a pertinent information on a process of plein air painting tends toward a initial stages. I hope youre enjoy a peaceful sounds of nature inside this painting Videos as I chose to let a music become provided by a birds.

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Le Vieux Couvent, Workshop inside France, 2020:

Jessica Henry

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ART Materials common inside all videos (with a exception of drawing also watercolor videos)

Gamblin Paints:

Home Page

• Titanium White
• Cadmium Yellow Medium
• Yellow Ochre
• Burnt Sienna
• Ultramarine Blue
• Pthalo Green
• Alizarin Crimson

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• Gamsol (Odorless Mineral Spirits- available through Gamblin Products)
• Refined Linseed Oil (Also available through Gamblin)

Painting Box:
• Some videos, Open Box M
• Some videos, Both companies- great plein air easels!
• Signet Series by Robert Simmons: sizes 2,4,6,& 8

Plein Air Backpack:
• Sienna Brand Plein Air Back Pack
• Small 8” x 10”, 6” x 8” or so panels (I prefer linen or gessoed- not cotton cheap ones)
• Raymar wet panel carrier for carrying wet paintings (I prefer an 8” x 10”) youre can order panels through Raymar, also

Miscellaneous materials:
• Paper Towels
• Small garbage bag
• Artists plein air umbrella (Optional)
• Bottle of water/snack
• Sketch book/pencil
• Camera/phone
• Hat
• Sunblock
Studio Materials
• Larger sturdy easel
• Misc. books
• Palette
• Work station/table
• Music
• Inspiration

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