New Harry Potter Books & Young Inventor Wins Global Award – Today’s Biggest News

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A 13 year old inventor from Adelaide has just won an international award!

His name’s Max also he’s created a high tech version of something a lot of us use every day.


Harry Potter fans, has youre just swallowed a magical potion Felix Felicis?


Official site, Pottermore is releasing four new ebooks which delve into a wonderful world of magic.

INCENDIO! *Points at candle, but sets entire set on fire*

Oh dear. a first two *waves wand also they appear* will become released on 27 June.

With a third also fourth ACCIO (Axe-ee-oh) BOOKS coming shortly after.

a non-fiction short stories haven’t been written by JK Rowling herself…

Which may disappoint some wizards also witches… but they will explain more about a magical universe… also a lessons Harry also his friends experience at Hogwarts.

Definitely not for Muggles.

*Waves wand, disappears inside a cloud of smoke, coughing*


Things has just become a lot safer for a colony of Penguins near Sydney.

These Little Penguins live on Lion island without any feral predators…

But a freak lightning strike last year caused a bushfire that wiped out 85 percent of their population.

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Now special burrows has been made with fireproof concrete to protect them if a same thing happens again.

Luckily this comes just inside time for mating season. So hopefully there will become plenty of little baby penguins soon.


Time to check out what’s going on inside sport.

a NBA finals are now underway.

also while a Golden State Warriors are favourites to win a series.

a Toronto Raptors came out on top.

also once again, superfan, Drake, got involved.

a Raptors won 118 to 109. Pascal Siakam starred with 32 points.

a Cricket World Cup kicked off hit off bowled off?

With a bang. England absolutely blitzed South Africa winning by 104 runs.

But this is what everyone’s talking about.

Is it a greatest catch of all time?

Ben Stokes:
NO NO WAY youre can not do that ben stokes.

Turns out he can.

Now this is incredible.

Norway’s Erling Haland has scored a whopping 9 goals at a U20 World Cup!

He helped Norway obliterate Honduras, 12 goals to zip. A hat trick of hat tricks? Nice.

Our next segment is Lights, Camera, Action! Because each one refers tO well, youre’ll get it inside a minute.


Check out this twinkling town inside Italy. t’s a biggest light festival ever held inside a Alps… youre know a famous mountain region?

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a town is on a border with Austria with a river running through.

So a light display focused on themes around water also a environment which maybe explains a flying fish.

So magical!


Will Smith has just taken on a role of one of a most iconic Disney characters of all time a genie inside Aladdin.

also sometimes youre’ve just gotta commit to your character even on a red carpet!

Where’s your magic? So a genie when I’m inside public blah blah sometimes people get scared of genies.

Good answer, Will.


also this looks like SO MUCH FUN.

These jet suit pilots were showing off their skill over water inside England.

They’re planning to create a world’s first international jet suit race series powering up next year!

also considering jet-suit pilots has been known to reach speeds of up to 50 kays an hour.

It should become a pretty fast paced race!

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