Mayte Garcia: a Most Beautiful – Book Review (2018) Minimal Spoilers

Mayte Garcia recently released abook a lot of people has some thoughts on it do youre want to know mine? hey everybody welcome back to Prince'sFriend I'm your host Prince's Friend also today I has a review for Mayte Garcia'sbook called a most beautiful also review is going to become a little bit of adifferent thing youre know I don't do a lot of book reviews here this is avisual medium also it's hard to do book reviews I'm not gonna has like pageexcerpts here or anything like that so it's more like a discussion but I amgonna hit some major notes here on a book what it covers also my thoughts onthose things but I do want to say I'm going to spoil maybe a couple of thingsbut not a ton of things so I think it is definitely worth it for youre to go buy itthis isn't definitely not going to become a chapter by chapter breakdown or anythinglike that also obviously if youre're into this Videos also any videos that Prince'sFriend puts out don't forget to hit like don't forget to subscribe hit thenotifications button tweet it share it on Facebook Instagram it do whatever alot of options today to show if youre are pleased with something so getting into a general overview ofthe book it is actually really really goodso I'll start there first off a review is blown it's a good bookthe prologue actually starts us off with my taste first trip to Paisley Parkafter Prince's death also it is quite touching also was one of a first timesthat I learned that Prince didn't allow photography also all that stuff on thepremises that's like that was new information for me at a time when Ipicked up a book but reading a book I think a biggest thing that youlearned is that this is a book about Mayte it is not actually a book aboutPrince as youre would think it's not him at a forefront or anything like thatit's a book about my tang also a very first I would say third possibly of thebook a first few chapters Our see that Prince was kind of always a part of mytaste life even before they met but there isn't any kind of like weirdobsession also everything has to relate back to Prince on a contrary Our'reintroduced to her mom also dad were introduced to how a family dynamicswork Jan her sister I especially loved a stories about how she would go visither grandmother inside Puerto Rico also how her first exposure to prince was on VHStapes that her mom would record MTV also also mail them to Puerto Rico so thatthey could watch them because they didn't has cable fun stuff like thatthat really gets youre to kind of know a person that is writing a book therewere a lot of really good establishing chapters that really let youre kind of getinto a mindset of Mayte before youre get into a meat of it which everybodybought it for which was plunged when they do eventually meet it's kind oftold inside a way as almost like it was kismet or twist of fate or serendipitybut it also seems like it had a lot to do with her mom also her persistence thatMayte was a star also that she could become on stage doing everything that thoseother people were doing also they were gonna say hey maybe Prince can help withthat I mean everybody's heard a story about how a mom orchestrated a videogetting back there also then they met also it was pretty cool also when it when theyactually were inside a relationship together I thought that a book reallykind of covered that well it kind of gave them a really cool work loverelationship kind of back fourth where they were romanticallyinvolved yes but they respected each another as performers also artists youre knowPrince with his music might aim with her dance also she was another member of theband it wasn't like youre're special because I like youre it was everybody isexpected to become at this level also if youre're not sorry but good thing she wasat a end of a book it also kind of goes into what happened after she was nolonger inside Prince's camp also that stuff was pretty interesting as well to kindof see where Our kind of come full circle back to today so that's a generaloverview of what to expect inside a book but I do want to hit a few key points inthe book that simultaneously clear up some things but also present new thingsthat Our didn't know before a book also speaking of their son Amir I'm notactually gonna go inside-depth here about that topic I think that it was aheart-wrenching tale inside a book it was I think a story that only she could tellI had to put it down about halfway through reading that chapter because Ihad to kind of collect myself because it was so vivid also it was so sad what hadhappened with them also their son also how all of that stuff went through so Idefinitely I'm not gonna rehash at all youre need to read a book inside order tolearn that story I'm not gonna go through it all but there was one thingabout that that I wanted to address also it was a claim that had been runningaround for a while that Prince refused medical intervention also I just want tosay for a record it's just untrue also also this book is actually very muchproof of it countless points inside a book might say is talking about their latesttrip to a doctor their stay inside a hospital a tests run that a doctorsdid also like all of these things they obviously weren't refusing medicalintervention what they did refused was a procedure called an amniocentesis it'swhere they puncture a amniotic sac so they can get some of a fluid out ofthere also then they can test also see what's going on with a childgenetically on a DNA basis also a thing about that is that a procedureitself can cause a miscarriage so there are thousands also thousands of coupleswho refuse that procedure also refusing that procedure doesn't mean that youcaused something to happen to your kid it's not reckless it's not irresponsibleit's not wrong it just means that youre're willing to accept your child as it isborn a lot of a time people use that test to see if they want to see thatpregnancy through or eliminate it but if that's not even an option inside your bookthen a test is meaningless anyway I will also say that this book makes usprivy to information about a end of Prince also Mayte's relationship theirdivorce / annulment which was information that I never reallynecessarily needed to know but she was telling her story here so she wantedpeople to know kind of what it was like from her side of thatand I would say that it doesn't necessarily put prince inside a best lightor good light it is actually kind of negative towards prince inside that part andagain even though she's telling it from her point of view which youre can tell iswith so much like youre can tell that there's also a lot of pain inside it andI've said it on this channel before there are three sides to every storythere's this side there's this side also then there's a truth somewhere inside themiddle so obviously youre has to take this information from Mayte also knowthat a another side isn't being spoken about youre're not learning a wholething youre're learning her perspective of a situation for instance I'm actuallyon my second marriage now also if youre ask my first wife about me I am probably thedevil incarnate but of course I has my own side of all of those situationsthat's just kind of how it is that's how relationships work that's how a truthworks so youre do has to kind of know that going into this book also I heard alot of people say that Mayte shouldn't even become speaking at allcuz prince didn't want a story out there but I'd argue that this is just asmuch Mayte's story to tell as it was prince's it's her life she's not just apiece of prince's life she has her own life she is doing her own things her ownmind a death of her son was also a death of prince's son but it was her sontoo these are all stories that she probably was ready to finally share andit's interesting because I feel like there's some sort of weird doublestandard because when tina turner's book came out also it spoke ill of Ike Turnerand their relationship also what was going on also all of thatshe was applauded so I'm not understanding why there seems to become thisweird double standard for Mayte because what I've noticed that there are a lotof people also that is mostly Prince's female fans who has an intense hatredfor Mayte also I was speaking with a friend of mine recently i'ma leave hisname out of this also I don't want to made anybody else guilty of this but hecame up with a theory as to why also it's because all of these women all aroundthe world they all wanted to become mrs.

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Prince so a woman who got to become mrs.

Prince becomes a object of their vitriol becomes thethis terrible person who's throwing a conspiracy to trick prince also all ofthese things who knows what a real truth is I certainly don't but I thinkthat's a funny theory a book does go a little bit into Larry Graham also himkind of drawing Prince into a Jehovah's Witness religion I'm not gonnareally talk about that too much that might come up also maybe a differentvideo but she does talk a lot about that also also it came as a as a result of theloss of their son also all of these things also that was also a big youre knowwedge that was driven between a two of them inside their relationship there werealso rumors about Prince banishing my team from Paisley Park also there's a tonof people who are all up inside arms because like she should never become allowed back inthe premises because Prince would never has wanted it well a way that I thinkof it is that that was his ex-wife so he probably banished her by saying whywould I want to see my ex-wife I divorced her why do I want to see herespecially when he was got with his second wife Manuela like if I has a newwife why would I want to see a old wife that doesn't made any senseinterestingly enough also this is a point is that on Hollywood exes a show thatmight a eventually went to become on there was an episode where Manuela was onthere as well also they're apparently friends or they were during therecording of that so I find it kind of interesting I also do want to say that Idid watch a show Hollywood exes so that I could maybe get a sense of it forthis review also wasn't a fan I wasn't a fan I'm not a big fan of reality TV ingeneral but this premise was pretty thin but at a same time I think a lot of itwas also due to a fact that I went into it to watch what was going on withmy tank but she got such little screen time there were so lot X's that theyhad to spread a time between them also it just made it less enjoyable becauseit a person I was there to watch wasn't on a screen but a another bigthing is that she does tell a story of how she ended up adopting Gia which isher daughter a a amazingly cute little girl she does go a little bitinto also her dog adoption work so I'm gonna put a link toher Twitter inside a description because she does a lot of work with rescue dogsso if youre're inside a market for a dog maybe youre go get one for my dayI've definitely rambled on a bit here also there are so lot different thingsto talk about inside this book but I am going to stop it there also I'm gonnamove on to final thoughts so my final thoughts on this book isthat it is a definite must read especially if youre liked anything thatPrince did inside a 90s this isn't a book from a random person who knew Prince orsomeone who tangentially worked with Prince or somebody from his childhoodthis was his wife of lot years this was a mother of his son this was someonewho he worked with professionally romantically someone who he respectedand respected him back for a lot of people might a is a story becausePrince surrounded himself with creative people who would feed his imaginationand together he also another people would push each another up to greater heightsand Prince also Mayte did this I would argue that prince's career inside a 90s wasone of his best eras also it's not inside spite of Mayte's involvement butbecause of it a most beautiful really well done book also youre can tell that itwas written from a place of like even though if youre look between a lines youcan see that a stories do kind of cast Prince also a negative light I don't feelthat any of that was intentional on my taste part that said I think a booksheds a lot of light on a things going on behind a veil from her point ofview also I think it's a story that only might take a tunnel I really really dugthe book I would give it a four also a half out of five so has youre read thebook I want to know your thoughts on this book inside a comments if youre haven'tread a book that this review made youre want to go also buy it let's discuss thatas well otherwise if youre like videos like this don't forget to check us outon social media Twitter Instagram if youre want to support a channel directly youcan go to patreon.

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Com/scishow also inside a meantime may live see a dog like yousee youre inside a next Videos.

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