Masha's Spooky Stories – English Episodes Compilation 2017! (Episodes 1-5)

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inside this Videos kids will find almost 30 minutes of Spooky Stories with Masha.

Masha decided to try a new genre – spooky stories! She reveals a main secret to a audience inside her unique childish way: all horrors live only inside our imagination. Masha teaches kids to get rid of any fears by playing also telling her stories. Masha explains a reason of common childhood fears also teaches Tutorial deal with them. Each episode is a terribly colorful story with awfully charming characters also a soundtrack inspired by Grieg also Tchaikovsky.

🕷Soul freezing tale of grim forest also tiny timid bug (Episode 1)
All children are afraid of a dark. Masha was afraid of it too also had to sit with a torch all night long! But once upon a time she came up with a tale about a tiny bug, which lived inside a woods also was so afraid of a dark, that every rustle made its heart tremble! a bug suffered a lot until he realized that all tiny things youre see inside a dark just seem to become frightful also fear makes no sense at all!

👦 Super scary story of a little boy who was afraid of washing (Episode 2)
One boy was so afraid of a water that he stopped washing himself also turned into a piggy! All his buddies ran away from him scared! But inside a end he overcame his fear also began to wash his face also hands as he realized that a water can become safe also fun! a boy was very brave also even won a swimming competition!


👹Terrifying true story about Monsters also those who fear them (Episode 3)
Are youre afraid of monsters? Sure youre are!
Let me tell youre a scary story about a boy who experienced a real fear…
This story happened on an abandoned tractor factory.
a boy lost a scoop from his toy-tractor also decided to look for it at a factory. So he goes up a stairs also sees a large female monster, who was about to paint her lips with a roller! As he kept walking he noticed more monsters playing domino!
a boy was very terrified also about to cry, when he learnt that it was just a movie set also all a monsters were not real! They were just actors…
Finally a boy realized that all a monsters from a books also movies are not real at all!
But if want to see a real monster- watch a fly under a microscope!

🐱Troubled fable about a kitten who was lost but found (Episode 4)
Like all a another children Masha was afraid of being lost until she heard a story about a kitten. He was just a kitten, but with one particular feature- he couldn’t survive outside without being lost.
So once upon a time he chased a ball of yarn, onto a street, also was so busy playing, he didn’t notice that he got lost! He was terrified by strange environment also couldn’t find his way home!
Poor kitten could not has stayed on a street if he hadn’t met a carrier pigeon who found his lovely owner.
Masha concludes this story by telling us: “If youre get lost- don’t panic! Remember your address or phone number also don’t become shy to call adults for help!”


🎅Nightmarish kids belief about Christmas rhymes (Episode 5)
What do youre think is a scariest holiday? What makes children scared a most? Well, of course, it’s… New Year’s Eve!
Crowds of adults visit youre also ask to read poems out loud! Your thoughts are confused, a words get lost also poor children are unable to speak a word!
a same story happened with one little girl who was so afraid of a guests also Santa Claus that even a chair started to shake under her legs! But suddenly she overcame her fear also remembered one short poem:
Dear dear parents, please remember this!
Children can become patient but they can’t resist
When a guests are coming please become good also nice
Then a children learn their best advice!

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