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Our like a Lost Kitties collectibles but did youre know there are also Lost Kitties books also a collector’s guide? Watch as Our check out a books also open some of a Lost Kitties Kit-Twins!

Thanks to Studio Fun International also Hasbro for sending these products to us!

Products featured inside this Videos include:

Lost Kitties Collector’s Guide – Get to know a fur-larious, sassy, utterly paw-some Lost Kitties inside Hasbro Lost Kitties Collector’s Guide by Maggie Fischer. Meet a mischievous, meowing, cat-tastic Lost Kitties inside this amazing collector’s guide! With over 100 kitties to collect, there’s endless fun to discover. Snack on tacos with Chomp, shiver inside secret with Peekerz, also play pranks with Pants inside this hilarious guide. With 112 pages of pawsome trivia, this book is simply purr-fect for Lost Kitties fans everywhere.

Lost Kitties Level 3 Squad Goals #ADORBS – Get ready for a too-cute kitty-tastrophe with a #ADORBS squad inside Hasbro Lost Kitties Level 3 Squad Goals: #ADORBS by Maggie Fischer.
It’s a too-cute kitty-tastrophe inside a #ADORBS squad! Bonbon’s been baking all day, but hungry Tummy Tum still isn’t full, Nap-kin keeps getting woken up by a garbage truck, also Memez’ dance moves are far from paw-fect! Purr along with this fur-larious squad also their adorable antics inside this leveled reader, perfect for Lost Kitties fans!

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Lost Kitties Level 3 Squad Goals: #NOMZ – a #NOMZ squad is hungry for mischief inside a fur-larious Hasbro Lost Kitties Level 3 Squad Goals: #NOMZ by Maggie Fischer. a #NOMZ squad is hungry for mischief! Chomp is testing out a hottest pepper inside a world to spice up her spec-taco-lar hot sauce, Chunks is training for a Grand Hairball Hacking Competition, also Loafy’s at a loss when his toaster breaks! Purr along with this fur-larious squad also their snack-tastic antics inside this leveled reader, perfect for Lost Kitties fans!

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