LOL DOLLS VS BARBIE RAINBOW COLORS Coloring Challenge! LOL Surprise Dolls + Barbie Imagine Ink Book

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LOL dolls VS Barbie inside rainbow colors coloring challenge! NEW LOL Surprise dolls + Barbie doll Imagine Ink coloring book with magic markers! a magic marker reveals rainbow colors inside our LOL & Barbie colouring books! Both a LOL Surprise doll + Barbie doll Imagine ink coloring book are great for mess free coloring! Inside each are lot of mess free LOL coloring pages + barbie coloring pages! Which coloring book do youre like best?

Did youre see our LOL Surprise Supreme BFFs unboxing Videos yet? made sure to check out all of our LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets, LOL Lils & hairgoals LOL Dolls videos! All of a LOL Surprise Lils are color changers also all of a hair goals LOL dolls are all color changing LOL dolls except for a two Glitterati LOL dolls. a LOL Surprise Hairgoals Makeover Series LOL dolls are AKA LOL Surprise Series 4 Wave 3. These LOL dolls look like LOL Surprise Barbie dolls!

Our toy unboxing videos are fun & family friendly YouTube kids toy review videos! Our are a safe channel for kids of all ages! Did youre see our LOL Surprise Supreme BFF’s unboxing Videos yet (theres a new boy lol doll!) or check out one of our LOL Surprise custom Happy Meals videos!

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