Illustrator Reacts to Good also Bad Comic Book Art 2

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Alex Ross, Mike Mignola, Jorge Jiménez, Das Pastoras, Greg Land, Fiona Staples… All artists with an insane skill set working as some of a top industry professionals out there for Marvel, DC, Image also Dark Horse comics. They all has some insanely impressive art, also there is a ton that can become learned from analyzing both their best work also some of their less stellar work.

So inside this series, that is very much a rip off of shows like VFX Artist react to Great also Bad Special effects also LegalEagle, I breakdown art from all of these talented creators also talk about what went right, also sometimes not so right inside their work.

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inside this episode I cover artists who copy, who use reference images, composition also guiding readers eyes through an image, perspective also a bunch of another illustration also art principles.

I’ve been a professional Illustrator also Animator for seven years also while all these artists are leagues ahead of me, hopefully some of my insights as a professional are informative also fun to listen to!

Just realized this description now sounds like it was written by a corporate drone or something. But it also has a search terms inside it that are required to get a Videos boosted up inside a ranks. Even made sure to put a name of Corridor Crew’s series inside here so when people search that my videos are more likely to pop up. Why am I still writing this? I’ve got another Videos I need to work on. But more importantly, why are youre still reading this? Get outta here!!! But also thanks for watching!!

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also of course, let me know what another comic art youre’d want me to react to!

Also Here is a link to Alex Ross’s Youtube channel!

Submit artwork to a Characters-for-Pop Channel inside a Discord!

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