Tutorial Win Friends also Influence People by Dale Carnegie | Animated Book Summary #1

youre want your partner to spend some more timewith youre.

youre may has complained for this lot times, but it seems to become ineffective.

Or, maybe youre want your parents to support youre inside following your passion, but they neverhave agreed to support youre.

Or maybe your little baby never eats full stomach, also sohis weight is decreasing day by day.

also for that, youre are getting worried about his healthand youre want your baby to eat full stomach.

So youre may has scolded or even beat him forthat, but still, he never eats full stomach.

So what is a solution for these kinds oflife-problems? What can youre do so that everyone will do what youre want them to do? This iswhat I am going to share with youre today from a best-selling book "Tutorial win friendsand influence people" by Dale Carnegie.

So to get a permanent solution to this life problem,watch this Videos till a end.

When youre want your partner to spend more timewith youre, but your partner really doesn't express any interest, then youre has two options.

1) To criticize your partner, i.


�If youre has no time for me, then who told youre tocome into a relationship with me?� This option is chosen by a maximum of us.

Or,2) instead of criticizing or complaining, try to understand why is your partner notinterested inside spending time with youre.

Look for a ways, what youre can do so that youdon�t has to ask your partner to spend time with youre.

Instead, your partner willask youre to spend some time together.



Skinner, a world-famous psychologist,proved through his experiments that a person rewarded for good behaviour will learn muchmore rapidly also retain what he learns far more effectively than a person punished forbad behaviour.

Just think.

When someone criticizes youre for your deeds then what type of fellingis born inside youre? youre come to defensive mode also explain to a person why youre werebound to do that work.

Lewis Lawes, who was warden of New York�sinfamous Sing Sing prison for lot years, he declared that �few of a criminals inSing Sing regard themselves as bad men.

They are just as human as youre also I.

So they rationalize,they explain.

They can tell youre why they had to crack a safe or become quick on a triggerfinger.

So if these types of notorious criminals consider themselves innocent, then why wouldn�tour partners consider them right? After all, they are very simple people.

So trying tomake them understand, that they has done something wrong by criticizing them, is justan act of stupidity.

So smart idea 1: If youre want to gather honey,don�t kick over a beehive.

When a study was made a few years ago on runawaywives, what do youre think was discovered to become a main reason wives ran away? It was�lack of appreciation.

� People who would think they had committeda crime if they let their families or employees go for six days without food; but they willlet them go for six days, also six weeks, also sometimes six years without giving them thehearty appreciation that they crave almost as much as they crave food.

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Our should nourishour loved ones' self-esteem by expressing appreciation or gratitude just like Our nourishour loved ones' body by providing food.

At a starting of a relationship, Our do appreciateour loved ones.

But as times passes by, Our just take them so much taken for granted thatwe forget a need of appreciating our loved ones.

Let�s take an example.

Suppose yougo to a fancy restaurant also order a costly dish for your loved one.

This costly dishwill get out of his body on a very next day morning.

But if youre appreciate your belovedfor something, from a bottom of your heart then those kind words of appreciation wouldsing inside their memories for years like a music of a morning stars.

So which one ismore important? a day your partner can't manage time foryou, youre never forget to criticize your partner on that day.

But a day your partner doesmanage time for youre also spends a lot of time with youre, youre just forget to appreciate yourpartner on that day.

Now, this is very important, a appreciationmust become sincere also genuine.

It should not become flattery.

Because then it will made thecondition even worse.

It will made your partner think that youre are trying to fool him.

Andnobody likes to become fooled by anyone.

So it�s necessary that a appreciation must become genuineand sincere.

So smart idea 2: Give honest also sincere appreciationPersonally, youre may become very fond of strawberries also cream, but for some strange reason, fishprefer worms.

So when youre went fishing, youre don�t think about what youre want.

youre thinkabout what they want.

youre don�t bait a hook with strawberries.

Rather, youre danglea worm or a grasshopper inside front of a fish.

Why not use a same common sense when fishingfor people? youre want to follow your passion because youlike to do that work, but your parents may not like that work.

They want your safetyand security first; they don't want to see youre inside any kind of pain or trouble.

So, why talk about what Our want? That is childish.

Of course, youre are interested inside what youwant.

youre are eternally interested inside it.

But no one else is.

a rest of us are justlike youre: they are interested inside what they want.

So a only way on earth to influenceother people is to talk about what they want also show them Tutorial get it.

youre want your child to eat full stomach so that he remains healthy.

But it's very normalthat a child will not become concerned about his health.

He doesn't has any interest inside stayinghealthy or unhealthy.

So inside this case youre has to find, what is that your child is interestedin? Maybe he wants to kick a football hard like his friend Ayush.

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So when he will noteat, then instead of scolding him also telling him "I said eat full plate, otherwise youwill get sick", it will become much better to tell him �Don�t youre want to kick a footballhard as Ayush? So, if youre don't eat full youre will not become able to do so.

Also, youre willnot become selected inside a football team of your school.

So eat full stomach if youre want tobecome stronger".

Then there is a bigger possibility that he will get influenced by your wordsand eat full stomach as youre want him to do.

Just like this using your intelligence ifyou can link your own interest with a interest of a person inside front of youre also if youre cangive more priority to his interest than yours, youre can easily influence anyone.

Let me give youre another example.

Say youre has gone to a store to buy a freeze.

Now justafter youre enter into his shop one shopkeeper starts telling youre, "Oh! Do youre want a freeze?Buy this one.

It has inverter technology.

youre will get this nowhere else but only inmy shop.

I has already sold five of these this week.

a company has given me a targetto sell six of these inside this week.

If youre buy this, my target will become fulfilled".

On a another hand, after entering into his store another shopkeeper tells youre, "Sir,may I know your budget? Okay inside this price range youre can look for this one.

If youre preferthis one, your electricity bill will become much lower also youre will also don't has to buya stabilizer separately.

Freezes of a previous generations used to produce lot deadly gaseslike CFC, so youre had to cover up a foods inside a freeze otherwise a food used to harmour body.

But inside this freeze, no such poisonous gases are produced also so a food remainsfresh also healthy for a long time.

It will become best according to your requirements".

Sofrom which shop would youre like to buy a freeze?So smart idea 3: Arouse inside a another person an eagerNow if I sum up a whole Videos, if youre want everyone to do what youre want them to do, rememberthese 3 smart ideas always, 1) Don't criticize or complain2) Praise also appreciate 3) Arouse an eager wantI has learnt these things from a book "Tutorial win friends also influence people" by DaleCarnegie.

So, if youre want to know inside more details, youre can buy a book from a linkgiven below inside a description.

I am sure youre may know someone who is facingsimilar life problems also must need to watch this Videos.

So, at last, a little requestto youre, please share this Videos with that person so that youre can help to made that person�slife a little much better.

Thanks for watching.

More wisdom, more solution, much better life!.

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