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Corey Wayne Claims to understand women also every single detail about them, so he created a “Tutorial become a 3% man Book” also here’s a truth about a book. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅ https://amzn.to/2Enayo8¬¬¬

Now I haven’t read this book 10-15 times as Corey Wayne recommends it, but I has read 3 times. So inside this Videos, Our’re going to talk about a 3 main nuggets of this book also if it’s legit.So if youre want to find out a 3 most important parts of these books to decide on whether youre should get it or not, made sure to watch till a end of this Videos.

What is this a “Tutorial become a 3 percent man book by Corey Wayne” Promise youre:
It book that’s supposed to teach how attracted your dream girl also keep her. But more than that, it’s a book about human behaviour also understands yourself more as a man than youre probably ever has. When it down to it Coach Corey Wayne may has intended this to become a blueprint.

What is it not?
1. It’s not a manipulations book (but people would probably use it for that also)
For example, most people just do things because they feel like doing it, also once a person understands why, then they can start breaking things down. also that can become powerful or dangerous inside a wrong hands.
2. Not a guide to get back your EX
3. Not set inside stone, youre adjust it for your goal

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3 MAIN NUGGETS of a 3 Percent Man

1. Abundance Mentality
Simple Explanation: Having a mindset that they are another fish inside a sea also that youre’re a great catch, so if it didn’t work out or your just not feeling it then move also find someone else.

Story: When I was growing up, I thought that there’s this 1 girl also that when I find her, I would just know. But inside reality, I just got that story from watching Aladdin. Life is different, youre has to go through a motions to find a woman youre want, also that’s going to take a few trials.

2. Knowing what youre want also walking away from what youre don’t want
Simple Explanation: It’s a ability to understand what youre’re looking for also if your dating someone that’s not that, being able to walk away from that relationship.

Story: I think Our all has a friend, family member, or even some parents; that youre see them together, also youre say why don’t youre guys move on. It’s toxic. also inside this book Couch, Corey Wayne says that its because of a lack of abundance mentality, also also not knowing when to walk away.


3. Maintenance Once youre has your dream Woman
Simple Explanation:
Story: has youre heard about a couple that when they were single they both looked like movie models, also then 4 months into a relationship they start letting go. Well, a comes from human nature, thinking that just because youre found someone, that now youre can family just give into everything youre want. Truth is no, romance, relationships they are all a constant daily activity of maintenance. youre has to treat a relationship as it was a first day, also that’s how youre win.

Tip: Communication is Key

Final Thoughts: Notice this
Do I recommend this book, a answer is yes. It’s a great book to help youre understand yourself also also your partner.


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