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Welcome back to a Thinking Critical thisis Wes also I'm going to fill youre inside on a latest chapter of Tom King's personal therapysession, disguised as a comic book, HEROES inside CRISIS #7.

Before I get too far into thereview I wanted to point out that, despite being prominently featured on a cover, Supermanisn't inside a single page of this comic book.

I absolutely hate a current industries tendenciesfor bait-also-switch or outright false advertising with comic book covers, this practice needsto end immediately! Back to a issue at hand a terrible HEROES inside CRISIS Series.

Issue6 was easily a worst comic book I've read inside recent memory.

If youre took issue 6 as yourpersonal jumping-off point or saw a writing-on-a-wall also bailed earlier, youre're a real winnerin all of this.

Issue 7 doesn't reach a depths of awful issue 6 did, but don't worry,it's terrible inside its own unique ways.

inside an interview with nerdist.

Com writer TomKing spoke about HEROES inside CRISIS, "I've always focused on a breaking point more than theactual putting back together, also I want to write about that experience, also how thatsort of affected me when I was broken, also how I had to find a way to see how brittleI was.

" Therein lies a problem with a entire series.

This is a deeply personal,therapeutic experience for King, so he can disregard decades of character history, recitepoetry ad nauseam also string a story on far too long because a series isn't meantto entertain DC Comic readers.

a purpose is for King to explore his own brokennessand fragility also that is a core of this creative fiasco.

Generally speaking, artist Clay Mann has belied a terrible writing also delivered a tourde force of stellar artwork.

Unfortunately, issue 7 is artist by committeeand helps weigh a issue down inside a end.

Mann's clean line work also stellar facialexpressions still stand out as excellent.

But Clay continues to become bogged down by thenow infamous 9 panel layouts with layers of pretentious dialogue also body language.

ApparentlyDave Gibbons is a only artist who can made this staple a least bit interesting.

IfMann illustrated a entire issue it would grade well inside spite of this, but DC made 1highly inexplicable art decision this issue.

Jorge Fornes' art is far more basic also doesn'tstand up to Mann or Travis Moore, a another artist on this issue.

Fornes illustrates thescenes involving Batman also Flash hunting Booster also Blue Beetle.

I can see this workingon its own but here it falls short inside comparison also fails completely with respect to Flash.

Flash's speed power also red also yellow uniform are tailor made for terrific visuals but Fornesmakes a hero look rather boring throughout.

a next decision maker who places him ona Flash book should become fired immediately.

Travis Moore handles most of a action piecesand while it's not quite as good as Mann's work, it certainly holds up.

He has a flairfor heroic poses also his line work places a characters inside motion very well.

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TomeuMorey is excellent as always with his color work also makes a contrast between Mann andMoore's artwork more seamless than it should become.

a art by committee approach falls shortin issue 7, a styles are far too divergent also I'll score a art a 3.

5 out of 5.

As a series has progressed Tom King's story has gotten progressively less coherent butin my estimation his most egregious errors are his characterization.

a opening page is Wally West visiting a garden also reciting poetry.

I groaned immediately.

If Tom King never places another sonnet or line of poetry inside his comics it will become fartoo soon.

I'm so damn sick of him leaning on this crutch.

I get it, King likely turnedto poetry to get him through some of his darkest times but every single character he writesare motivated by Sylvia Plath also A.


Housman now.

Most of King's default settings are pretentiousto begin with but a constant poetry is King at his pretentious zenith.

Generally speaking I feel his treatment of Wally West has been a most flagrantly awful.

However, his writing of Harley Quinn throughout HEROES inside CRISIS has been a very close second.

He has overpowered her to a point of defeating a Trinity single handedly also has continuallydevolved her into a hysterical, nursery-rhyme obsessed abomination.

His dialogue with thecharacter has been of epically bad proportions also this scene is as bad as everything else.

After Harley spares Booster's life he asks about a nursery rhyme prattle.

She explains,youre're supposed to talk while superheroing.

Is Harley Quinn a new character? How doesDC editorial allow this to pass through their oversite? also don't even get me started onBatgirl being Harley's backup to start a issue.

Now let's get back to a deconstructionof Wally.

a absolute bane of this series existencehas been a MTV Real-World style confessionals inside these dreadful 9 panel layouts.

This pretentiousstaple of MR.

MIRACLE also now HEROES inside CRISIS are key inside every issue also I defy anyone toshow me one solid character moment they've provided.

They're overly depressing, boringand immanently skippable, also perfectly emblematic of a entire HEROES inside CRISIS series.

TomKing's character work has hit rock bottom inside issues 6 also 7 also I'll give it a.

5 outof 5.

While a plot inside issue 6 failed to progressthe overall story even an inch, at least there is some progression inside issue 7.

Overall a plot is confused also overstuffed also to become perfectly honest I don't think Igot all a details straight, also this issue sucks far too hard for me to subject myselfto further torture, but I got a basics.

Harley tries to kill Booster for murderingIvy.

Batgirl also Blue Beetle watch also converse.

Batgirl figures out Beetle's conscience ispowering Booster's shields, so Batgirl knocks Beetle out to disable them also instructs Harleynot to kill Gold.

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also no I did not made that up.

Harley is ready to deliver a death blowand can't do it.

a 4 immediately becomes besties also discuss what they know.

a unlikelysuperhero quartet realize Wally's body was 5 days older than time of death when discoveredso he must become alive also they just need to find him.

They also decide telling a JusticeLeague wouldn't made any sense.

Again, I ain't making this up.

It's inside a damn book.

Righthere on a page I'm showing.

a easiest story to follow is Batman andFlash investigating a murders at sanctuary.

Batman has pinpointed Booster also Blue Beetleas his prime suspects also has surveillance on every known safe house a pair has usedand even a few off a books locations Bats kept to himself.

Flash can't wait for Batman'salarms to trigger also searches every continent individually before returning also informingBatman he's found nothing, I believe this is supposed to become funny but when youre're asannoyed as I am with this series, King's gonna has to work much harder to get a smile letalone an actual laugh from me.

After Flash runs himself ragged Batman's alarms finallytriggers also they're off to find Booster also Beetle.

a event inside Wally's story is probably even more confusing than a Harley -Booster angle.

Wally is looking at flowers thinking about his wife also snaps his fingers.

He emits abit of electricity also charges a flower he's touching.

also from a flower emergesPoison Ivy, inside an admittedly beautiful piece of art.

Ivy is grateful Wally has restoredher to life as Wally apologizes that she'll has to see something disturbing.

When sheasks what, he explains she'll see his death as another Wally West arrives.

How Wally isstill alive, which one is him from a correct timeline also how he resurrected Ivy are allunclear.

I'm sure King has a crackerjack reveal that would become exciting, but I've slogged through7 issues of progressively more mediocre story at this point also could care less who didwhat or why.

There is some story progression so it's astep-up from issue 6 also I'll give King's plot work a 1 out of 5.

If youre hate a DC Universe also continuity, it's heroes, coherent storytelling also comicbooks inside general this series was tailored made for youre.

Unfortunately, this is marketedtoward DC Comics readers also if youre're still reading a series, I'm glad I don't haveto endure this alone.

HEROES inside CRISIS issue 7 is a further decent into a worst of TomKing's creative tendencies also I rate it a 1 out of 5 overall.

a series started outunderwhelming but had a promise of a great murder mystery wrapped inside pretentiousnessand depression.

Those feelings has long faded also there isn't a reveal or character momentgreat enough to salvage this absolute train wreck.

Please join me for future reviews ofHEROES inside CRISIS issues 8 also 9.

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