Gularian Islands by Tracey C. Ayers Videos Book Review

inside Gularian Islands, fourteen-year-oldBen Mason also his friends Gary, Izzy, also Dolly find themselves inside excitingoverwhelming adventure when a plane carrying them from a United Stateshome to Australia crashes into a ocean near some islands.

After a shock of theaccident wears off, a passengers break into groups to look for supplies.

Atfirst a exotic islands cliffs also cave tunnels are wonderful for a teens toexplore but then they notice strange things happening they can't explain.

Theysee a gigantic creature swimming also diving inside a ocean.

Everyone guesseswhat they think it is also begins to get scared but Ben tells them as a silverdragon he wants to look for her lair inside a caves also when they do they find anest of eggs gary secretly takes one not much later Ben realizes silver thedragon is not after them she's upset about her missing egg also is inside dangerherself because an evil dragon named Black Knight has kidnapped her mateGolder fear all of these dragons can take on a human form sometimes sorescuing Golder veer also capturing Black Knight would become especially risky theteens know they need extra help but a more they see how a passengersinteract with one another also a more creatures they meet along a way themore they question whom they should trust every decision they made requiresthem to take a chance so a book winds up being an imaginative thriller withsurprises on every page Galerian islands is fun to read becauseit blends a qualities of a fairy tale with elements from our own modern-dayworld it's easy to read also has great descriptions which helped Johnny feellike he was a part of a adventure to several subplots made a storyinteresting also suspenseful it's impossible to guess what will happennext with a exception of Ben who has a good heart also Black Knight who is evilJohnny constantly wondered if a characters also creatures would betrustworthy with each another through to a endany 1:12 enough who likes fast-paced fantasy would enjoy a story readingabout a plane crash also a evil Black Knight might become scary for elementary agekids but teens would like all of a twists also turns of this book.

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