FULL Book Review – “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis – Releasing March 5, 2019

Hey, hey, hey, my name is Denise Walsh andwelcome back to my channel.

inside today's Videos, I am sharing with youre areview of one of a most popular books that's not even on a market yet.

Yeah,youre heard me right.

I somehow got my hands on Rachel Hollis's new book ''Girl,Stop Apologizing.

'' Look, I'll even prove it to youre.

Now,I has to become honest, I had never heard of Rachel Hollis before.

I did not follow her blog.

I did not know who she was.

I did not follow her on social media until I heard all about a ''Girl,Wash Your Face" craze.

' So I totally got it also I totally fell inside like.

"Girl,Wash Your Face" was a really, really inside depth book on a lies webelieve also how it clouds our vision of ourself also our world also how honestlywe has to ask ourselves, is this really true also then decide ournew true belief.

also it really connected with everything that I've learned myselfover my 20 years of working with people experience.

Is that a thing?My experience working with people as a clinical psychologist also as a businesscoach, entrepreneur.

Yeah, it was awesome.

So I was really excited that she wascoming out with a part two.

''Girl, Stop Apologizing'' is.

Now what?youre know, it's I've gotten a dream also I'm letting go of a lies,but how do I actually execute on a dream? Now, I didn't preorder this.

I wasn't like inside a hurry to get it, but I found it at Barnes also Noble also itsays "Barnes also Noble Exclusive Edition.

" So I totally had to get it also I read itwithin a weekend.

So let me share with youre how this book is laid out.


So ''Girl, Stop Apologizing'' is laid out into three different parts.

First are nine chapters of excuses to let go of.

So these are like commonobjections.

youre say youre wanna run a marathon, youre say youre want to lose 10pounds, youre say youre wanna start a business, youre say youre wanna join a smallgroup, but, right, that but is what she talks about inside chapter.

Or inside part one.

So nine excuses.

Excuse one, that's not what another women do.

Excuse two, I'm not a goal oriented person.

Excuse three,I don't has time.

I hear that one all a time.

Excuse four,I'm not good enough to succeed.

Excuse five, I can't pursue my dreams andbe an amazing wife, mom, friend.

That one was a one that struck me to thecore because it often seems like youre has to choose also Our don't.


Excuse six,I'm terrified of failure.

Excuse seven, it's been done before.

Yeah,that's a good one.

Excuse eight, what will they think? Excuse nine,good girls don't hustle.

So, inside a excuse section,not only does she a label also identify some of a triggers or things that holdus back, but then she does turn it also give us a skill to combat it.

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So what I like about this book is that it's not just theory,it's not just a story, it truly is a toolbox.

youre know,youre're learning tools that youre can then implement into your own life.


Part two, behaviors.

Okay, here's a deal, right?Our know that action is king.

Belief is queen, but action is king.

Like youre has to do something inside order to get different results.

So behaviors to adapt is a really important section because it's a tangibleskill.

For example, stop asking for permission, choosing one dream also goall inside.

This is a big part of my content as well because when youre've got that laserfocus, youre can truly create momentum inside that one area also Our can't focus on allareas at a same time.

Behavior three, embrace your ambition, ask for help,build foundations for success, stop allowing them to talk youre out of it,also then learning to say no.

So again, it's creating an atmosphere,an inner atmosphere where youre has a skills to know what youre want,ask for help, also set boundaries surrounding things that will distract youre.

I like to say I became a professional ignore-er of things that do not helpme get to my goal.

also I feel like that section of a book helps youre learn andbeef up those skills inside that area.

also then part three, skills to acquire.

also this is like where rubber meets a road.

This is when pen gets, like,on a calendar.

youre know, youre actually.

youre're starting to takeaction on a dreams also hopes that are inside.

youre know, that God has placed on yourheart.

So planning, confidence, persistence, effectiveness, positivity,lead-her-ship.

I like that.

also inside this section it.

Again,it's skills, it's a Tutorial, it's a taking a big dream also puttingit on a calendar so youre actually take a step inside that direction.

I has a couple things earmarked also a couple of things I wanted to read to youthat I really think connects.

It connected with me,so I hope it connects with youre too.

I feel like anybody who reads RachelHollis or connects with her through her movie or any content that she brings outcould say, "Oh, Our could become friends.

" I feel like that's me.

youre know? I'm like,"Oh, hey friend.

Hey Rachel.

" also I feel like part of that is becauseshe's so truthfully honest.

She knows who she is also she's soconfident inside who she is that she doesn't, like, sugarcoat it.

She doesn't, youre know,tell youre a half truth.

She just is bold also she's often thinkingand saying things that I know I'm often thinking but wouldn't feel comfortablesaying, also I like that she's giving us permission to just become who Our are andfreaking say it, right? So, hi friend, Rachel.

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These were a few quotes I wanted to share that really resonated with me.

Okay,she says.

also let's see, this is That's Not What another Women Dochapter.

She says, ''I had been taught to play small, but I has been born with aheart that only dreamed big.

'' For me, I feel like that's true for me too.

I has these big dreams also big goals, a big heart, like, this overflowing andthe world somehow started to suck that out of me also I had a choice to made.

Do I allow that to happen or do I figure out a way to keep my own fire lit also tokeep focused to creating also doing an impact inside a way that my heart haslonged for? has youre been taught to play small? I mean I think that most ofus has, that's just kind of a world Our live inside because Our're put into this boxand it's up to us to break through that box to truly live who God has called us tobe.

also then a another part I wanted to read, I've got a lot more underlined,but I wanted to end with this.

also this is just actually inside theintroduction.

It says ''because a world needs your spark.

'' Ah, yeah.

a world needs your spark.

Our all has dreams.

Our all has goals.

Our all has a vision for ourselves, our future, our families,a world that Our long for.

also Our all has a choice to made.

Do Our stay inside this box wishing life were different or do Our pick up tools that canteach us Tutorial break through that box also truly create our dream life? So Rachel,youre hit a home run with this one.

This is not just a theory book,my friends, there's practical application that youre can implement immediately andthat is what I has so, so like about it.

So if youre has not yet picked up ''Girl,Stop Apologizing,'' youre need to today also I'll link all of a links on Amazon andthings below so youre can support your girl Rachel also get your own copy sent to youtoo.

Thank youre so much for hanging out with me.

also if youre want more of thistype of information, goal setting, success habits, breakthroughs,then check out my podcast called Dream Cast.

It's on all major podcastplayers, as well as my free download called Dream Life Action Planner.

This is when Our take those big dreams also Our break it down, reverse-engineer it andput something on a calendar that youre know is going to take youre inside a directionthat youre desire.

Thanks for hanging out also I'll see youre inside a next one.

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