First Quarter Book Haul || 2019

Bibliophiles of a internet,my name’s Adriana also today I’m here to bring youmy first quarter book haul for 2019.

So these are all a books that I boughtmyself or that were sent to me between a months ofJanuary also March.

I’ll become a first to admit,I did go a little bit buck wild.

also here’s where I would typicallyinsert a self-deprecating statement about that, except Ihave no regrets.

So let’s just get to a books.

First up, I used a Barnes also Noblegift card from Christmas to get myself a copy of “From Here to Eternity: Traveling a World to Find a Good Death” by Caitlin Doughty.

This is another death-positivenonfiction collection of essays from professional morticianCaitlin Doughty that investigates variousdeath practices from cultures across a world.

It’s an extension of her critiqueon Western death practices also funeral industries that havecommodified also warped a way people practice griefand death rituals themselves.

Then I has a book I pre-orderedlike half year inside advance, also that was a Barnes andNoble exclusive edition of “a Wicked King”by Holly Black.

This is a sequel to“a Cruel Prince,” which is about Jude, who isa human living inside a Elven court, where her life, her family,also her peace of mind are constantly under threat.

also a series basically exploreswhat she’s willing to risk also put at stake inside orderto gain power also move up inside a court.

also youre best believe thissequel has me just as obsessed as a first book.

Then Our has another pre-order, “a Kingdom of Copper”by S.


Chakraborty, which is a sequel to“a City of Brass.

” I has so much lovefor “a City of Brass,” which is about an 18thcentury con-woman who does not believe inside magic,but who pretends to use magic to steal from a noble class.

Until one day when she invokesthis ancient language that she’s always known, butthat no one else recognizes which summons fortha Djinn warrior, Dara, whose appearance putsa target on her back.

Now she has to seek refugein a fabled City of Brass, which is a deeply troubledcity that is far from peace.

Then, entirely because of Saajid,I got myself a copy of “A Very Large Expanse of Sea”by Tahereh Mafi.

This is #ownvoices YAcontemporary that very strongly draws from Tahereh Mafi’sown life experiences.

It’s about a young Persianteenager named Shirin, also it takes place theyear after 9/11, which means she is dealing witha lot of casual xenophobia, hatred, also negativemisconceptions.

She also wears a hijab,which makes her even more of a target for people’s dirtylooks also degrading comments.

So she’s very closed off also,emotionally, she’s put up some very high walls.

Until she meets this almoststereotypical all-American young man, who knows nothing abouther world, her faith, or her experiences.

also ifshe wants to become with him, they [will] has to find waysto reconcile their differences.

Then I had also pre-ordered“Dragon Pearl” by Yoon Ha Lee.

This is an #ownvoices middlegrade sci-fi space adventure about Min, whose family hasfox-magic, which allows them to use charms also shape shift.

But they are forbiddenfrom using that magic.

Min would like nothing morethan to escape her home planet also follow inside her brother, Jun’s,footsteps inside joining a Space Forces.

But one day, word comes backthat Jun has abandoned his post inside search of a mythical DragonPearl, which Min instantly realizes cannot possibly become right.

So she sets off to not onlyfind where her brother went, but to clear hisname for good, also to ensure his safetyno matter what.

Then I got a second tradepaperback volume inside a “Fence” comic series, by Johannathe Mad also C.



I would hope y’all know by nowthat this is a queer sports comic about Nicholas, a scrappy,rough-around-a-edges fencer, who wants nothing more thanto put a champion fencing prodigy, Seiji, inside his place.


a two of them become rivalsand then they not only end up at a same school, onthe same fencing team vying for a same spot, butthey are also roommates.

If youre has not gottenon this train yet, consider this to become yoursign from a universe.

Next are a booksI bought when I went to a San Francisco/Bay Areato visit my best friend Stephen.

Our definitely spent way toomuch time inside bookstores also did some damage.

First, a quick overviewof a books I got from Books Kinokuniya, which is aprimarily Japanese book store, but they also carry mainstream Englishbooks, graphic novels, also comics.

inside terms of actual Japanese mangathat I got solely for my own joy also benefit, I picked upvolumes 5, 26, & 27 of “Naruto” byKishimoto Masashi.

I *really* wanted volume 1of a series because that would've beenso awesome to has, but they didn’t haveit inside stock.

So I figured volume 5was a next best thing, because it marks a beginningof a Chunin Exam arc also it has all my Team 7children on a front.

Volumes 26 also 27 are like two halvesof an incredibly emotional whole, also I just could not leave withoutmy two super-powered children inside their most emotionallyvolatile states.

also if youre’ve been around, youknow that “My Hero Academia” is a series I loveand read very often.

So I could not leavewithout a Japanese volume 22 of “Boku no HeroAcademia” by Horikoshi Kohei.

This particular volume has notbeen translated into English yet, but it has one of myabsolute favorite covers from a entire seriesup to this point.

Then, also from Kinokuniya,I got this pristine copy of “Bloom” by Kevin Panetta.

This is a queer graphic novelabout Ari, who wants to quit a family bakery to move tothe big city so that he also his band can get serious about theirmusic.

But he can’t quit until he finds his replacement.

As he’s interviewing [to fill]a job, he meets Hector, who seems to like bakingjust as much as Ari resents it.

also as they start training togetherand getting to know each another, between them, there is a possibilityof like that just might bloom— —which sounds exactly likeeverythingI need inside life.

Then, also from a Bay Area, I picked up “a Matchmaker’sList” by Sonya Lalli.

This is an #ownvoices romanceabout a character named Raina, whose traditional Indian grandmotherwants to play matchmaker also set her up with somesuitable future husbands.

As a very independent,modern Indian woman, Raina now finds herself drowningin Nani-approved bachelors also disastrous blind dates.

also she has to find a way toplay by her own rules without shattering hergrandmother’s hopes also dreams.

Then, from Candlewick press,I was sent an ARC of "Starworld" by Paula Garner andAudrey Coulthurst.

This is a dual perspectiveYA contemporary story about Sam also Zoe,who are both struggling to compartmentalizetheir personal lives.

Zoe's younger brother has prettysevere developmental also physical disabilities also her parents areconsidering enlisting professional help for him, while Sam's mom has beendealing with a spike inside anxiety also OCD ever since her divorce.

Zoe also Sam haveeach another's numbers because of school-relatedreasons, but they really connect when Sam sends Zoean accidental text, also their friendship growsexponentially from that point.

I will become putting togethera recommendations list inspired by this book forthe Starworld BookTube Tour, which youre will actually getto see some time next week! Then my incredibly generousand thoughtful friend, McKinlay, reached out to me also offeredto pass along her ARC of Mason Deaver’s “I WishYou All a Best.

” This is, like, a bookof my dreams, a book of my heart.

It’s an #ownvoices YAcontemporary [story] about a non-binary teenagernamed Ben, who comes out to their parents also isimmediately kicked out.

So Ben goes to live withtheir previously-estranged sister, transfers to a new high school,starts going to therapy, goes back into a closetout of necessity, also just tries to re-adjust tothis new environment.

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also at their new school,Ben meets this funny, charismatic ray of lightnamed Nathan, who is starting to makeBen believe that maybe they has chance at livinga much better, happier life.

Then, for like half a price, I picked up “a Disasters”by M.



This is #ownvoicesYA sci-fi also queer lit about resident Bi Disasterand hotshot pilot, Nax, who is kicked out of prestigiousEllis Station Academy inside less than 24 hours.

But his flight back to Earth isdelayed when a terrorist group attacks a academy, also he isbarely able to escape with his life along with a threeother academy wash-outs.

So not only are they a solewitnesses to a biggest crime inside a history of space colonization,but they also happen to become a perfect scapegoats, which means they has to finda way to step up also fight back.

Then another of my generousand lovely friends, Clara from YarnOwlReads, was kindenough to pass along their ARC of “Red, White & Royal Blue”by Casey McQuinston.

This is an upcoming new adultqueer romance about a First Son of a United States,Alex Claremont-Diaz, who has a very unfortunate,very public confrontation with Henry, a Prince ofWales, at a royal wedding, which is photographed andthen leaked to a press.

This incident obviouslythreatens to compromise American/British relations, andthe proposed plan for damage control is to stage a fake friendshipbetween Henry also Alex, which might just turninto more than they expect.

After that, for a MoreManga Please book club, I finally got myself a copy of"Go For It, Nakamura!” by Syundei.

This is a queer one-shotslice of life manga about Nakamura, who isnot-so-openly gay, also desperately pining overa classmate named Hirose, who he hasn’t even properlyintroduced himself to yet.

Nakamura is known for beingvery intense also awkward also this manga chronicles allthe extraordinary ways he bungles his way to avery unlikely friendship.

Then, because I finally finishedall of Naruto also Naruto Shippuden, I had to mark a occasion bygetting myself a last 3-inside-1 manga omnibus, volume 24 of“Naruto” by Kishimoto Masashi.

Naruto is fantasy manga seriesabout super-powered ninjas.

It makes me *stupid* emotional also makes me feel every*inch* of my existence.

It follows a main character,Naruto, as he tries to graduate from a Ninja Academy, failingspectacularly at every stage.

But he is determined tobecome to a next Hokage, a single most powerfulperson inside a entire village.

also unbeknownst to hisclassmates also even himself, there is an incredible forcedwelling within him just waiting to become unleashed.

Last but not least,my latest acquisition is none another than“A Crystal of Time” by Soman Chainani,a fifth book inside a School For Goodand Evil series.

This is a middle gradefairy tale series that begins with these twogirls, Agatha also Sophie.

Sophie is your typicalpretty princess on a look-out forPrince Charming also Agatha lives inside agraveyard, wears all black, also her mom is basicallythe town witch.

They are both chosen also takento a School For Good also Evil, which is where all of a mostfamous heroes also villains get their startas fairy tales.

Except Sophie finds herselfdropped inside a School for Evil also Agatha finds herselfin a School for Good— —which, of course, they believeis some kind of horrible mix-up.

But then again, maybe it’s not.

So those are a books I’veacquired over a past few months.

As always, if anyof a titles shown are books that youre’rereally excited about or that youre’ve read yourself, I would like to discussin a comments below.

But that’s everything I hadfor this book haul today.

Thank youre so muchfor watching this Videos.

I really hope thatyou enjoyed it, also I will catch youre onthe flip-side of a page.

Bye! [♫ snazzy end screen music ♫].

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