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★SO4J-TV ►http://www.SO4J.com/false-visits-to-heaven-also-hell & Justin Peters http://JustinPeters.org talk about “FALSE VISITS TO HEAVEN & HELL – 10 DANGERS OF EXTRA-BIBLICAL REVELATIONS”, i.e. Why Claims of Afterlife Experiences from lot so-called “Christian Books” are NOT Reliable, inside fact these lot books & testimonies are Extra-Biblical (Rev 22:18-19) also UNbiblical. SO4J-TVs Martha Mac sat down with Justin Peters to talk about these so-called Visions of Heaven & Hell also to take Justin through: SO4J-TV’s Top 10 List of Dangers of these Claimed Visits to Heaven & Hell. This Videos is a WARNING to ALL to RUN from these dangerous False Extra-Biblical Visions & False Teachers to a True Gospel of Repentance & Faith inside Jesus Christ (Mark 1:15). Heaven & Hell is a Real place, but these so-called Christian Books of their lot visions of Heaven & Hell are NOT real. ★Just because someone has a: Vision, Prophecy, & or Dream also it comes to pass… that does NOT made it Biblical or Truth (Deut 13:1-18). One of Satans #1 GOALS is to deceive lot PEOPLE ( i.e. “a World” & professing so-called “Christians” – Rev 12:9, Matt 24:24, Matt 7:21-23) also he does this by UNDERMINING a Final-&-Complete authority of SCRIPTURE / GOD’S WORD (like he did inside a Garden of Eden – twisting God’s Word). 2 Peter 1:16-21 rightly says that Our has a “MORE SURE WORD” (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxsd5sFaSm4 ). God’s Word is more reliable than any: Dream, Vision, etc than anyone might has. People’s so-called spiritual experiences are: UNRELIABLE & FALLIBLE .. but GOD’S WORD is a: ROCK & our Firm Foundation, also is Sufficient for us.. it is Truth. (Matt 4:4, Luke 4:4, Deut 8:3). There is a Danger when people look to “Spiritual Experiences” as their source for: Information, Warning, & Hope, rather than looking to a Scriptures. Our must not allow our desire for Excitement & Wonder determine what is True. Our cannot base our Beliefs on “Feelings” or someone else’s UNRELIABLE “Visions & Mystical Experiences”, but ONLY on a “sure Word of God”. Where one spends Eternity, inside either Heaven or Hell, is far too important a matter to become misled by: False & Unprovable Mystical experiences. As Believers Our has an understandable desire to warn a lost of their Eternal Punishment inside Hell if they do not Repent-&-Trust inside Jesus (Mark 1:15). There is a danger inside going “beyond what is written” (i.e. 1Cor4:6) inside Scripture, regardless of how exciting or sensational it may become, or even if it supposedly “points people to Jesus”. Despite a lot problems or outright deceptions of these so-called claimed visits to Heaven & Hell, a Bible tells us clearly that Heaven & Hell ARE real places where every single person that has ever lived will spend Eternity inside. a Eternal destinies of people are far too serious of a matter to entrust to Anything OR Anyone outside of a Scriptures. Scriptures are abundantly sufficient to Inform also Teach us about a REAL Heaven also a REAL Hell. // Written By ©SO4J-TV®.

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★QUOTE by Justin Peters: “If youre want to HEAR from GOD, READ your BIBLE; if youre want to AUDIBLY HEAR from GOD, READ your BIBLE OUT LOUD.”
★QUOTE: “Even if a Purpose of Books like Mary K Baxter’s [Todd Burpo, Bill Wiese, Jesse Duplantis, Don Piper, Kevin Malarkey, Kenneth Hagin, Rick Joyner..] is to Motivate us to REPENT, they do MORE HARM than Good inside that they UNDERMINE a FINAL & COMPLETE AUTHORITY OF SCRIPTURE.” —Bob DeWaay – Critical Issues Commentary

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►Matthew 24:11 JESUS: “lot FALSE PROPHETS will rise up also DECEIVE lot.”

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