Everything is F*cked (Book Review 2019) – Mark Manson

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Watch an inside depth Book Review of Mark Manson’s new 2019 Book – “Everything is Fcked” with Key Takeaways & Lessons.

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a Author of a New York Times & International Best Seller “a Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck” , Mark Manson is back with his second book :
“Everything is Fcked – A Book about Hope”

This Book is a counter intuitive guide to a Problems of Hope. Some Topics covered inside this Book Review are :
– a Uncomfortable Truth
– a Opposite of Happiness = Hopelessness
– Self Control is an Illusion
– Thinking Brain vs Feelings Brain
– Newton’s Law of Emotion
– Formula of Humanity
– Blue Dot Effect
– Pursuit of Happiness vs Pain is a Universal Constant
– a Concept of Antifragility
– Hope is Fcked. Everything is Fcked.

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