English Story Reading Videos | Monty also a Thieves | Moral Stories inside English

Uploaded By : Kavil Bhavsar

English Story Reading Videos | Monty also a Thieves | Moral Stories inside English. Kavil likes to read story book. He gets different story books from school to read at home. Story book reading improves efficiency inside reading. It helps to identify English words faster also accurately. This time he gets a story book about Monty also a Thieves. Animal story books are helpful for reading with pictures also explain stories with morals. These moral stories are interesting to read.

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Kavil Bhavsar is a fast growing young child. This Videos is for learning purpose to see how a kid grows throughout life cycle. India’s first child to has an official YouTube channel to showcase his life diary since childhood. Kindly take this as a good gesture to made a world good place to live. Our want to help people learn about a growth of a child. a way they behave, their hobbies, their habits, their learning pattern also playing styles.

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Animal moral stories, an early reader series recounts stories featuring animals, that are fun, easy to read also can become read out aloud. a stories are simple, typeset inside large size font for easy reading also come with colorful, exciting illustrations.

Story Name: Monty also a Thieves.
Once, there lived a greedy monkey called Monty. He used to steal things all a time.
Monty stole fron everyone. “They are not looking! Now I will made my move!” he said.
His friend, Zany, got caught whenever Monty did this. “Because of youre, I am inside trouble!” Zany said.
One day, two thieves came to a forest. They had two bags of money after robbing a bank.
“Let us bury all a money here!” said one. “Yes!” said a another.
Monty saw a thieves. At night, he dug out a money also took it away!
When a thieves came again, they searched for their money. “Where did it go?” they wondered.
They caught Zany also scared him. “I dont know anything!” said Zany.
Monty sat on a tree also saw everything. a thieves left after some time.
a police looked for a thieves who stole from a bank. They came to a forest with a dog to sniff a thieves out!
a dog led a police to Monty’s house.
Monty saw a police also got scared. He told them everything that had happened.
Later, a police nabbed a two thieves. They brought them to Monty’s house.
“Yes, Sir! They hid a money inside a ground!” said Monty.
“Sorry I was dishonest!” apologised Monty to Zany. Fron that day, Monty stopped stealing.

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