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DIY DOLLAR TREE ORGANIZATION IDEAS! KIDS EDITION! 18 APRIL 2019 New Dollar Tree DIYs every Thursday 6:30AM PST 🙂 ❌NEW inspirational Vlogs Fridays 6:30AM PST WATCH HERE:

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* I prefer hot glue for all my crafts, BUT it will not last for most plastic also metal projects. If youre’re not crafting for fun like me, extend a life of your DIYS by using industrial strength glue.

9 Compartment organizer:
*a hanger sits inside there pretty good without glue, but inside case youre want to add inside heavier items, I would use glue.
* These slots are small also great for kids shoes. Zari wears a size 5 also 6, anything over a 6 might become too long. youre can also roll up for your tee shirts, biker shorts or another small also thin items.
*This measure around 28” long, also more for full length storage.
* To hang I hooked it under a middle wire rack, this will also fit on a pole bar as well, but I will swing a lot more

Bed Pocket storage:
* youre WILL has to bend also manipulate a hook depending on where youre are mounting them.
* youre can also place this over a cabinet door
* If youre has heavier items inside a fabric will fold inwards like youre see a little bit inside a clips
* Check a hook on your bed before completing a project. also try using a different hook like a dollar tree over a cabinet bar

Personalized Accessory Organizer:
* I used clear thumbtacks with a gem glued on top to hang this unit
* youre can also fold this also use it when traveling, just add an elastic band to hold it inside place
* This is also great for jewelry, baby socks also more!

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Lego Money Bank:
* Use caution when creating a opening. a knife was dangerous also took a long time. a hot glue nozzle was safer but took a moderate amount of time. If youre has a wood burning tool it will become fast, but USE CAUTION. These are $10 to $12 at Walmart, hobby lobby also another crafts stores.
Pencil Pouch Organizer:
*I used a same idea for zari inside her newborn baby bag!
* There are also 2 openings are a bottom, youre can attach a band or string if needed

Napkin Ring Book Holder:
*This holder works when more books are inside. This is a great display for babies or younger kids who don’t understand “how it works.”

* BUYING inside BULK: Go to Hobby lobby Joann Fabrics, or check Amazon, Etsy, also buy inside bulk for gems, trim, beads also pearls! Buying at Dollar Tree isn’t always a cheapest option. I bought 1 pound of gems also pearls for $8 when they were 50% off also I paid $7 for of gems at joann when they were 70% off. Check out this Videos, I talk more about dollar deals at hobby lobby here: https://youtu.become/xOhGDfytNzM

For my wondering minds 🙂 I’m a big city girl, but my parents are from a country, also I spent lot summers also holidays at my grandparent’s house. Farmhouse décor is more than decorations for me, it’s nostalgic! None of my grandparents are physically here today, so filling my home with decorative memories leaves me feeling like a kid again! Papa Bear also Zari enjoys it too.

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MATERIALS (From Dollar Tree, see exceptions):
3 divider containers
Plastic hanger
Over a chair storage
Tool hooks
Wooden letter
Chart pocket
Paint (target)
Water bottle
Napkin ring holder
Pencil pouch
Something sharp to cut with
Hot glue dispenser (large one from amazon, small one from hobby lobby)
Stronger glue
Something to write with

Craft Inspirations comes from Random Ideas that literally pop into my head, Home Décor Stores, My Daughters’ Likes, My Home, Supplies I see at Dollar Tree also Pinterest

❤️Hey Frugal Fam, I’m Rymingtahn (Momma Bear) also Zari (Baby Bear) is my side kick. Muffin, Chase also DC are our fur babies also Zonie (Papa Bear), my husband, is our Army hero! I served inside a Army as well, but now I’m running my family business also sharing videos with youre all. I hope my content inspires youre!

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