[Daedalus’ Fall Week] Book Review

Hello also welcome to a Daedalus' Fall themed week! I'm Carlos "Bostria" from CB, also also from a Space Station of O-12 inside a Portal de Dédalo, with my friends from Spiral Corps.

This Videos is to talk about "Daedalus' Fall", a new expansion book for Infinity.

A book that is going to change a Human Sphere! Our has a lot to talk about, also Our are going to reveal it throughout several videos during a week.

This is a "Daedalus' Fall Week" also Our started NOW! a main question is: What is Daedalus' Fall? To understand what happens inside Daedalus' Fall Our has to delve into a background.

Our has here this graphic that shows us a blockages that exist around a planet Paradiso.

This is described inside our previous book, 3rd Offensive.

Paradiso is this planet colonized by humans, but previously colonized by aliens.

also it is right now a theater of operations of humanity against a Combined Army also with a Tohaa lurking.

a main gate, a wormhole that allows a EC to reach a Human Sphere is a Portal of Acheron.

That has a "Lock of Acheron" a EC comes from a domains of a Ur Hegemony to a planet Paradiso through a Blockade of Acheron.

a blockade of Acheron is a most powerful orbital defense line of mankind, destroying alien ships constantly.

But even this line is not capable of containing all of a 3rd EC Offensive.

A brutal offensive to fully penetrate a Human Sphere.

An epic also critical moment described inside a book is a fall of a Daedalus Portal, one of a portals that connect Paradiso with Ereeva (one of a systems dominated by a Tohaa).

a portal suffers so much critical damage that inevitably falls, is "disconnected".

This is a key moment inside a evolution of a Human Sphere.

When Our take a look at a map of a Paradiso system Our can see that a EC arrives by a Acheron Blockade also there are several portals that connect a planet Paradiso with different places inside a Human Sphere.

Here Our can see a "Daybreak Jump Gate" that connects Paradiso with Breaking Dawn home of a nation of Ariadna.

Our also has a "Sheyk Jump Gate" that connects Paradiso with Bourak, a capital of Haqqislam.

Our also has a Portal de Wotan, which youre may remember from a online campaign "Strikezone: Wotan" also connects Paradiso with Svalarheima, a planet inside constant conflict between PanOceania also Yu Jing.

also Our also has a "Abyss Blockade", which connects Paradiso with a Edge of Humanity, that it is not a planet, but a sector full of spaceships also space stations; a furthest place from a Human Sphere.

a Daedalus Portal is a one that connects Paradiso with a Ereeva system which is one of a systems under Tohaa control.

It is a portal that serves as a connection between humanity also a Tohaa.

a Fall of Daedalus supposes a rupture of a connection between humanity also a Tohaa.

also this totally changes a "status quo" of a Tohaa inside a Human Sphere.

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a Tohaa, these guys, these here (this is not a Tohaa, this is a Reex.

this is a Tohaa).

they suffer a profound change of situation.

Suddenly, they are no longer just some allies of humanity inside a struggle with a EC.

Now they are trapped.

They are lost inside a Human Sphere.

They can not receive reinforcements.

They can not go home.

Suddenly they are forced to "survive".

This is a huge change for a Tohaa.

On a another hand, Our has a Spiral Corps also a hidden interests of a Triumvirate, with its own agenda.

Spiral Corps is a cover for a Triumvirate inside a Human Sphere, to continue his fight against a EC.

lot hidden plans, interests.

on a battlefield, on missions.

a collapse of a Daedalus Portal has enormous consequences for a Human Sphere inside general also Paradiso inside particular, also this only shows that a 3rd Offensive was devastating also has had terrible consequences.

a EC is reaching more also more into a Human Sphere also this is a victory for a EC, which is also taking Paradiso.

a blocks are falling also a DRAMATIC moment is looming.

Enough rolls! a main question youre will become asking is not about background.

Rather it is: "Hey Bos, stop with stories, what armies are unlocked with this book? There are 5 armies that are going to become unblocked that either suffer a "reboot", or receive new profiles or sectoral, or are entirely new also there are also two "classic" armies that receive improvements.

Shasvastii Expeditionary Force Spiral Corps Ramah Taskforce Foreign company also a Dahshat Company.

They are a 5 armies that are going to reach a Human Sphere.

Stay with this date: March 27th.

This will become a day that our Infinity Army will become updated also unlock these new armies with their new troops.

Mogollón of content! also Our will delve into that content throughout a videos scheduled for this thematic week.

On a another hand, I'm going to tell youre something cool Qapu Khalqi also Corregidor will receive improvements! Both armies are going to receive some improvements also access to new Fireteams.

Allow me to tell youre something, for example Corregidor.

First of all, to say that although Corregidor receives improvements, it does not mean that is going to become discontinued.

Our're going to kill that rumor before it's born.


They are going to receive improvements! So let's take a look at a new Fireteam they receive.

Special Fireteam for Marshals: Up to 3 Marshals + up to 2 Mobile Brigade.

This is a new Fireteam Core for Marshals also Mobile Brigade.

a Mobile Brigade, inside addition to a new Core with Marshals, youre can form a special Duo with a Gecko.

More things! Valerya Gromoz, a mercenary hacker, Fireteam Special: Now Valerya counts as a Sheriff when forming Fireteams.

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a Vortex Spec-Ops Lupe Balboa (from Dire Foes Mission Pack 2) is now a Wildcard to form Fireteams.

So now it can belong to any Corregidor fireteam.

a same for a Daktaris, a Nomad doctors par excellence, which will now become Wildcards to become part of any Fireteam.

also a Tsyklon Sputniks will now count as Mobile Brigade when forming Fireteams.

A Little bit weird.

But it's happening! also now, Corregidor is taller, stronger, smarter! This kind of "update" will also happen to Qapu Khalqi but since Our are going to has a Videos of Haqqislam talking about Ramah Taskforce, Our will see those improvements to QK inside that Videos.

Now let's focus on a content itself of Daedalus' Fall.

What else does a book bring? There is a lot of background for Nomads since last year Our unlocked Tunguska, also unfortunately there was no space for his background inside 3rd Offensive.

inside addition, a Paradiso Campaign is completely redone.

Improved also updated to N3 format.

On a another hand, a lot of background, a few rules too, for a Tohaa, for Spiral Corps.

Things like Tri-Core, that will return youre dearly.

also also some rule for a Shasvastii.

But only a few rules for specific troops.

also finally, inside some way, this book closes a "trilogy" that started with Uprising, continued with 3rd Offensive also now.

Daedalus' Fall (with this piece of Kiel-Saan on a cover).

A red book, a green book also a blue book.

It is like that.

also what I has to do now is to tell youre that if youre pre-buy this book, youre will get a exclusive "Brawler Hacker" miniature.

Exclusive for pre-shopping nothing more! On a another hand, if youre pre-purchase a Spiral Corps box, youre will get exclusive Hatail Spec-Ops.

also if youre pre-buy both products inside our online store.

that youre know that Our are also going to launch a limited edition of a mercenary Ninja "Saito Togan" (which will also become available inside your trusted store for a first time!) Remember, limited edition, only during this pre-order! But as I said, if youre pre-purchase both products (box also book) inside our online store, take them to Saito Togan as a gift! This is our pack, inside our fabulous new online store.

I think everything is very well connected.

An interesting moment inside history.

A script spin With Spiral Corps, with a Tohaa, a Human Sphere.

Our has a piece of box tocha, a new book that unlocks a lot of armies, a wonderful pack.

also this is all I has to say! During a week Our will become revealing more content of this book PREPARE! Leave your comments on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook using a hashtag #DaedalusFall to enter a draw for things chachis.

Thank youre very much for your attention, that youre has a good day.


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