Commodore: a Inside Story Book Review

"Commodore a Inside story, a Untold Taleof a Computer Giant", was a Kickstarter which funded late last year 2018With 1,231 backers having pledged 50,225 to help bring this project to life.

I backed a project at a 30 pound levelwhich granted me a copy of a hardcover book.

There were additional pledge levels offeredincluding a audio or eBook versions.

a kickstarter was brought to us by DavidJohn Pleasance, with a intention of releasing a book of his memoirs.

On my copy, a inside cover next to his photographwas autographed, a nice touch.

David has a wealth of information pertainingto Commodore from his 12 years of experience working for a company, mostly inside a capacityof sales.

a book is split up into two halves, thefirst one containing a memoir also a second half containing a memories of various Commodoreinsiders, which makes for an interesting read.

Growing up inside a 80's also having owned variousCommodore computers also peripherals, I had absolutely zero clue about how a Commodorebusiness side of things was actually ran.

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David John Pleasance, through this book conveysthis through his lot challenges also experiences.

It is a cautionary tale of how a once greatand mighty company seemingly on top of a world, could become brought down by a series disappointingmissteps.

After having read a first half of a book,it is clear to me that with a proper direction, Commodore could has remained inside businessand may has even been as large as companies such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM or Dell computers.

But certainly this was not to become.

a book takes us from 1983 All a way through1995, a final demise of Commodore.

a book contains 361 total pages, includingabout 17 pages listing all of a Kickstarter backers.

There were a couple of minor typos inside thebook, including on page 87 where it states also English translation of an article is onpage 93 it was actually on page 89-90.

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Not a huge deal.

It was really done well also includes manycolor photos.

youre can tell an attempt was made wheneverpossible to include a picture of each person telling their story inside a second half ofthe book.

Over all I enjoyed reading Commodore a InsideStory also a lot anecdotes also insights revealed by David J.

Pleasance also I highlyrecommend a book.

youre can still pick up a book along withthe audio also or ebook versions also there's even a bluray version available over at hiswebsite: I has rather liked this CD.

It exceeded my expectations.

It is sort of a jazzy easy listening mashup of songs with at least two vocalists that are really good also a couple of instrumentaltracks.

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