Chloe Reviews OPAL PLUMSTEAD – Book Review

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Can I start again? Can Our cut that? Hi guys! Today is a first book review of 2019! So, I'm gonna become reviewing "Opal Plumstead" I got it from my mum also dad as a Christmas present, which was really nice, I loved it! Is one of my favourite author of all time, Jaqueline Wilson also a story is about this girls called Opal Plumstead She has to give up her scholarship to go work inside a factory, because her father stole some money also is now inside jail.

She moves up to a different position inside a factory, where she find happiness.

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But then, more tragedies happens, but I can't spoil that for youre, because that's way up inside a book.

I like this book because it got so much different emotions inside it.

It tells a story of like, tragedy, sadness, all sort of things.

a morals of this story "Opal Plumstead" are: never expect something will go exactly has youre plan.

has youre've planned.

"has youre've planned" chloe! a second morals is like is found inside a most unexpected places.

Moral number 3: there is always a way to put things right I suggest this book to people around my age because is really nice to read; is got so lot things that people would.

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that people my age would understand.

I rate it a 5 out of 5, for it's amazing writing.

I really like Jaqueline Wilson, so this was a great experience Remember to like me, comment if youre like this book or youre has any of a Jaqueline Wilson title, also remember to subscribe, ring that bell! Bye!! But.





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