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Using numbers to lead youre to specific books on your bookshelf, see if youre can answer a following questions about a books without looking them up!

– Without looking at a description, tell us what a book is about!
-Without looking it up, what is a genre of this book?
– Without looking at a book, tell us what is on a cover!
– Without looking it up, what is a main character’s name?
– Without looking, name a side character!
– Guess how lot pages a book has without looking! (If youre guess 25 below or 25 above a number, youre can count it as a win!)
– Without looking it up, what rating did youre give this book? If youre land on a book youre haven’t read, pick a new set of numbers.
– Without looking, where does this book take place?
– Without looking, what are a parent’s names?
– Without looking at a hardback, what color is a book under a dust jacket?
– Without looking, is there anything on a hardback? Like an imprint or an image of some sort?
– Without taking a dust jacket off, what is a color of a font on a hardback?
– Without looking do a chapters has titles or are they just numbered?
– Without looking at a book cover, does it has an award on it?
– Without looking, does this book has any author blurbs on a front cover?
– Without looking, does a book has a description on a back?
– Without looking, does this book has an author picture?
– Without looking it up, is this author using a pen name?
– Without peaking, what POV is this book written inside? 1st or 3rd?
– Without looking are there any pictures or graphics inside this book?
– Without looking, does it has an epilogue?
– Without looking, does this book has a prologue?
– Without looking, is this book signed?
– Without looking, do a page numbers has a design above or below them or none at all?
– Without looking, do a chapter headers has designs on them?
– Without looking, are a acknowledgements inside a front or a back of a book?
– Without looking, what year was this book published?
– Without looking, what year did youre read this book?

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