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Today, I'm going to talk about a book So Lucky by Nicola Griffith.

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So Lucky follows our main character named Mara.

She's really at a top of her games inside a lot of ways.

She heads up this really huge powerful AIDS Foundation.

She's at a end of her long term marriage with her wife, but at a beginnings of a burgeoning friendship that may turn into romance with her longtime friend.

She's also, personally speaking, very good with martial arts.

It talks about all of a practices that she goes through with her dojo also how powerful her body is with that.

So she's got all of these things going on also she suddenly finds out that she has multiple sclerosis, or MS for short.

I had to look it up to see exactly what it is because I wasn't completely sure.

It's where there's nerve damage that causes your brain also body to not quite communicate with each another, so youre might see some trouble with walking or stumbling or getting your arms to move or getting your body basically to do what youre want it to do.

For Mara inside particular, it's kind of difficult because when she goes to do her martial arts, she finds that her body betrays her.

It's not doing a things that she's always been able to do, also feel powerful within her own body.

She also finds it affects her at work also it also affects her just out inside a world, inside all a places that are not really easily accessible to people who has disabilities.

There are a lot of things I really like about this book.

inside particular, I like a messy emotions that comes with a diagnosis.

youre know, Mara is not one of those people who sits on a back porch with a glass of tea also, youre know, spits out platitudes to family members about how wise she is now also how it's given her a new lease on life, also she's just this, youre know, giver of comfort also wise words.

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youre know, she hasn't turned inside to Tuesdays with Morrie.

She gets angry, angry, angry.

Angry at everything that comes up also she does not hold it inside.

She spits it out with bile also vile hatred.

youre can really see her move through a stages of grief.

also a anger stage, she sits inside for a very long time.

also to become honest, I probably would, too.

I also like that it shows a realities of living with MS.


it's very difficult from what I've read inside a book to deal with all a different medicines also a almost treating yourself as a science experiment to try also find what works.

Spoiler alert: there's a lot that doesn't.

One of a things I didn't care for so much inside this book was a murder subplot.

Yes, there's a murder subplot.

inside a course of dealing with MS, Mara starts to kind of take charge of her life also take action, because that's always what she's done.

She's been a taker of action.

Through a course of all of that, somehow there's a murderous person who catches on to another people who has MS.

It's a really sad thing to add on.

Not that I'm against things that are sad or gruesome, but inside this tight, concise novel that is almost perfect inside every another way, this murder subplot seems almost superfluous.

It's not really needed also it kind of takes away from Mara's journey to herself inside dealing with MS.

It didn't really need to become there.

One interesting thing about this book is that it's actually somewhat autobiographical about a author.

I didn't realize that until after I had finished a book.

Apparently, Nicola Griffith also deals with MS.

Now a book itself is of course fictional, but a MS also everything that Mara is dealing with – these aren't things that a author just made up out of thin air.

These are things that a author has experienced, herself, also so it's very interesting to read about also get that perspective that I wouldn't has known otherwise.


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[Music] a title So Lucky could become taken one of two ways.

It could become sarcastic, like, (said sarcastically) "Ohhhh, I'm sooo lucky.

Thank youre, universe, for giving me MS.

I reeeeeeally appreciate it.

" Or it could become genuine.

It could become that Mara, through a course of dealing with MS, has realized that she's lucky inside a lot of ways.

She has this wonderful community of fellow MS people with whom she has connected also whom she helps also who helped her.

She's found that while some friendships has fallen off, another ones has really managed to flourish inside a wake of a diagnosis.

also she's found that even though her body has pretty much betrayed her inside lot ways, she's learning to listen to it inside another ways.

also so, even though a conditions aren't ideal, she finds that she's just so damn lucky to live inside this messy, horrible, complicated, but sometimes beautiful world.

Our're just so damn lucky.

So, very good book.

So Lucky by Nicola Griffith.

It is not a tear jerker by any means.

It's a very straightforward, unsparing look at MS also what it is to live with it.

also it's actually enjoyable, which is an odd thing to say about a book of this nature, but I enjoyed it.

So, check it out.

Thank youre so much for watching guys.

I will catch youre next week.


[Music] Thank youre also special shout out to all of my closed caption watchers! (blooper).

But adding on this murder sub, superdf is.

Gaaaah! (trying again).

Pretty certain a murder subplot seems almost superft.


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