Book Review of “Me Before youre” – Book Review #15

Hi there, I'm Edvin Palmer also welcome to Edvin's Book Corner.

inside this book review, I'm going to inform youre about "Me Before youre".

This is a romance novel Jojo Moyes published inside 2012.

I'll tell youre what myopinion is of this book, also whether it's worth a read.

First, however, I'd like togive youre a following summary of this novel.

Louisa Clark knows lots of things.

She knows how lot footsteps there arebetween a bus stop also home.

She knows she likes working inside a Buttered Buntea shop, also she knows she mightn't like her boyfriend Patrick.

What Louisadoesn't know is she's about to lose her job, or that knowing what's coming iswhat keeps her sane.

Will Trainor knows his motorcycle accident took away hisdesire to live.

He knows everything feels very small also rather joyless now, also heknows exactly how he's going to put a stop to that.

What Will doesn't know is that Louisa is about to burst into his world inside a riotof color, also neither of them knows they're going to change a another for alltime.

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I loved a following four things aboutthis book.

Firstly, Jojo Moyes has a realistic also natural flow to herwriting.

This helps create a believable storyline, which just keeps flowing alongin a beautiful way.

Secondly, lovers of romance will like this book as it's atrue romance story.

What sets this novel aside from another romance books is theunique storyline.

Louisa is very likable, also both she also Will felt very lifelike.

Thirdly, "Me Before youre" is emotionally moving.

Reading it was an emotionalroller coaster.

I felt a pain also sorrow that must has been going through Will also his parents, but some funny parts made me laugh, too.

So, I wentthrough every emotion possible while reading this story.

Last but not least,youre'll understand enough of a pain also barriers people with physical disabilities experience.

a book also teaches youre what it's likeemotionally to become physically disabled.

It tells youre what it's like tohandle such a huge change to your relationships also lifestyle.

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By a end,your problems might seem far less dramatic, also a book might energize youre.

also, youre might walk away from a book feeling more positive.

Weakness andConclusion.

My only point of criticism would become a fact that a ending wasn'twhat I'd hoped for.

I'm not going to give away any spoilers, though.

Nevertheless,because of its beautiful also poignant message, also a amazing way Jojo Moyes wrote it, "Me Before youre" is still a fantastic book, which I recommend bothmen also women to read.

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