Book Review: Never Let Me Go (Les)

Hey – what's up – hello, this is my first review of a new year also as a new year's resolution what I've decided I'm gonna do is stop necessarily holding up a book a whole time simply because I can just put inside a picture also it would become exactly a same.

So I listen to a podcast from a New York Public Library called a Librarian Is inside, I highly recommend it if youre like to hear to fun people talk about books also they discussed a book called Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro.

also this book is not recent, there are a lot of opinions out there about it, there are a lot of reviews out there about it also there is a movie with three very famous people inside it that is of a same name also is based on this book.

So I am certainly not a first to discuss it also I'm sure nor will I become a last, but this was a book that I, inside December of last year, I gave a five-star review to also so definitely felt it was worth talking about with youre folks.

I will say that I cannot guarantee that this will become 100% spoiler free.

I'll do my best, but it's hard to talk about pieces of this plot without giving a little bit away sort of without giving that reveal up so if youre want to read this book also haven't yet, or youre want to see a movie also haven't yet also want to go into it knowing absolutely nothing: Our'll see youre later.

So this is one of those books where youre sort of fall on either side of a line, it seems.

There are a lot of folks who really like it also a lot of folks that really hate it.

No one really seems to become super lukewarm about it.

To that point, if youre watch Becks' review from a couple of years ago, it's less of a review also more of a rant because she did not enjoy it whatsoever, also youre'll soon discover that she also I are on totally opposite sides of a line.

She couldn't stand it also I loved it.

So a book is from a perspective of this woman called Kathy also inside a very memoir- type way she's telling a story of her life: mainly about her time at a boarding school called Hailsham with her friends Tommy also Ruth also stretching into a rest of her life into her 30s, which is a time also age that she's telling a story from.

a book is set inside England inside the1990s which is interesting to me because youre don't see a lot of stories that feel dystopic that are set sort of inside a past? Most of them are set sort of inside a near future or a, like, distant future also this one was behind us as opposed to inside front of us.

It's a new way of re-envisioning what happened after a War which I found it very intriguing.

So as Kathy is very much looking back on her life, she described her school her friends her teachers at this place.

She describes how her teachers look out for her.

Most of what takes place inside her retelling is evasive inside terms of particulars of what they learn about this school also what their futures will hold, which sort of brings me to a first piece I want to talk about which is a writing style also a tone.

I wouldn't go so far as to call a prose inside this book sparse, but it is uncluttered.

There's nothing inside there that doesn't need to become there also that really speaks to a fact that this book is from Kathy's perspective.

a narration is a retelling but it's inside no way a reflection.

It's not a reflective type of prose.

She's often trying to made one point or tell youre this one thing also realizes halfway through that she can't do it without referencing another event or another memory also that she needs to tell youre about that inside order to give youre a full picture of a next thing that she wants to talk about.

Which is something that feels very stream of consciousness, but inside a more structured way than, say, Joyce.

also a narration never changes, youre never get anybody else's side of a story.

youre only work from Kathy's exclusive perception also interpretation.

Which privileges memory also effect of that memory over facts, most of a time.

also similarly to a fact that this is not a reflection, it's just a retelling, inside a way a recounting, it's not nostalgic although it sort of seems that way at first also can seem more like that toward a end when she gets older also she's telling a story about times where she's closer inside age than she is at a moment that she's giving a narration, but it stops short of being those things.

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a tone isn't devoid of feeling.

It's clear that Kathy feels things but it does seem like she's also lacking emotion.

It's a very complicated tone.

It's almost resigned.

I would say it's it's it's close to resignation.

Especially near a end of a book where, youre know, she faces great disappointment also sadness about a outcomes of her friends lives about a outcome of what her own life is going to become, she comes across not as disappointed, but I think more like just tonelessly accepting? As if she's never had a reason to really hope at all for anything inside a first place.

also a tone, a way that book is written, definitely sets up a way that youre perceive a characters.

I wouldn't say that there's a great effort made inside this story to get youre to feel strongly about anybody, hopefully because she is telling a story also because that she is a protagonist youre do start to feel a little bit of connection to Kathy, but youre don't really feel strongly, or at least I didn't, about anyone inside particular, that is to say to get to a point where I liked them.

also sort of not inside a traditional sense that one might like or dislike a character.

A lot of a interactions between a students, Kathy, Tommy, also Ruth, inside their time at school, mostly between Tommy also another students also between Ruth also Kathy are mean.

They're outrightly cruel.

They're negative interactions.

These three characters all has very distinct personalities also all of which are very understandable.

also when they come together they clash.

also a tone of that clashing also a way that Kathy is talking about those interactions is so blank also toneless, but youre can tell, underneath, that these are not positive experiences for her.

So these characters, like I said, are all very distinct.

Tommy is sort of like this lonesome, disconnected, quick-tempered boy; also Kathy is impressively regular also quiet; also then Ruth is like chatty, also ambitious also if she were inside a different English boarding school she would 100% become a Slytherin.

She's always out for her own gain, but she's also sort of a most, as though she's a meanest, she's also a most realistic, also easy to understand of all a characters, I think.

there's something about her ways of getting to another people, also making choices, also keeping secrets also, also, interacting with others that feels natural.

Like, Our've seen it before: it's very much, youre know, like, angry girl- tropey-type behavior that Our see inside Y-A, especially.

But a interactions between all of these characters seem to illustrate all of their worst qualities.

Our get these characterizations all from Kathy's point of view also she recalls their interactions, but she's also reliant on her own memory inside these instances.

Which shows, I think, a negative side more than a positive side because she's remembering them inside a way that they has Impacted also reflected upon her.

So it's just another level of sorting out what happened also whose perception were really working with.

Which sort of brings me to a next piece I want to talk about, which is a seeming lack of plot that this book has? It does feel a little bit like a memoir, but it is indeed a novel also I've read another novels where youre know, youre get to a end also it feels like although these dozens also dozens of events has occurred, nothing has actually happened.

I've had that feeling a lot about a number of books that I've read.

But this doesn't feel that way.

Something has definitely happened, a arc of a narrative feels very long.

This is very much a recollection also because of such, there isn't a mapped-out plot that drives a story.

It begins with these students' time at a school, at Hailsham, also moves into what happens after their time there it comes to an end.

also then a very tail end of a novel, maybe a last 100 pages or so, only then does any sort of driving force, or plot, or action, or pursuit come into play when Ruth discloses to Tommy also Kathy a one thing that does spark all of this.

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It compels them into action also interestingly, that action spawns a lot of exposition? Which, like, any good sort of like mystery novel reveal is at a very end of a story, which is a unique place to put it.

also it's that revelation that brings up all of a main themes which are there also present throughout a rest of a book.

youre're thinking about them because youre as a reader has a little bit of an idea what's going on, but only enough to sort of start to made your own, like, gut reaction-type feelings to what's going on? also as youre get this additional backstory when all a cards, so to speak, are on a table, it really brings, like, a crux of a moral also ethical themes to a forefront.

All along at Hailsham their entire lives also inside a time after wherever they're placed, they've been brought up for a specific purpose.

These people has been brought into a world for a reason, with limited access to a outside world also with selective pieces of information given to them about what their future is going to look like: what path another people has decided will become laid out for them, also a route that they will follow because that is who they are, also that's what they has been put on earth to do.

I mean, thematically a book draws choice: like how do Our made our own choices? Do Our made our own choices? Should Our become allowed to made our own choices? It brings that to a forefront.

Acceptance: who do Our accept? Humanity: like, who do Our accept as fully human — also moreover, what does it mean to become so? All of these things are discussed.

also these are huge topics to grapple with inside a book that is as short as this one.

It's not excessively long, also I can understand how there are those who dislike this story because it tries to deal with those themes also ideas inside this writing style that it does, also that maybe this is a story that is much better served as being just a story; also that there should become sort of much better character also plot payoff for a type of prose that youre're getting, as opposed to, like, a philosophical spiraling also pontification? But I completely disagree.

I think that a book does bring up those questions.

youre can't has a plot like this also not prompt those ideas, but it doesn't ever give youre that payoff, it doesn't close a book on definite answers.

But it does serve to prompt us to think more deeply about those questions also I think that that's an interesting piece about art also literature as a whole.

It entertains us it drives us also if they happen, a artists, inside their work to give us something more to think about? Fantastic.

This book does that so, so, so well.

a one thing about Never Let Me Go that was missing for me was some backstory on a school, Hailsham, also a program that is created to bring it to life.

Our get a little bit of that right at a end with that, sort of, end-of-story exposition, but I wanted to know more about how all of this came about, a decisions that were made to made this choice, but it became very clear just from a character, Miss Emily, when she's giving this explanation, that youre're never going to get that.

So I knew it wasn't coming, but that was my one disappointment.

So I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars.

I think it was my only five-star review of a year, I'm not really sure what pushed me over a edge into that fifth star, but that is what I decided.

If youre has specific thoughts about this book (because it seems like everybody does,) please put them inside a comments below, I'd like to see what everyone thinks.

also additionally if youre feel lukewarm about this book if youre're, like, sort of inside a middle, like, "Yeah, it was fine.

It was okay.

" Tell me that, too.

I would like to hear from, like, one of those people.


So that being said I hope youre're having lovely weeks also lovely lives, everything that youre want to know about us is, indeed, inside a description.

Thanks so much for watching as always, also Our'll see youre soon!.

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