Book Review : I Need To Pee | I Need to Pee: Neha Singh

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Title I Need to Pee
Author Neha Singh
Illustrated by Meenal Singh, Erik Egerup
Where do youre go when youre just has to go? Rahi simply loves slurping refreshing drinks, also so she always needs to pee. But boy, does she hate public loos! On her way to her aunt’s inside Meghalaya, she has to pee on a train as well as stop at a hotel also even a really scary public toilet at a bus depot! also when those around her refuse to help her with her troubles, her only saviour is her Book of Important Quotes. Travel with a cheeky Rahi also read all about her yucky, icky, sticky adventures inside this quirky also vibrant book about a ever-relevant worry of having a safe also clean toilet experience.
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