Book Review: Homegoing

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Today I want to made up for some serious lateness.

Back inside 2017, Penguin UK sent me a copy of a book at a time of its publication also I read it, also then started my master's thesis, also as youre could only imagine (or not imagine, based on a fact that there's no review on this channel about it) that I never quite got around to reviewing it.

But since it is February Which is Black History Month, I decided to ask a book club that I lead to read this book because I knew already about how great it was, also to give myself a chance to read it a second time also now I can finally made that review: so with late apologies also lot thanks to our friends at Penguin UK, let's talk about this book.

also not only this book but its beautiful, beautiful cover also really, really gorgeous endpapers as well.

But Homegoing, by Yaa Gyasi, is her debut novel also follows multiple perspectives of a lineage of two sisters who were born inside a late 18th Century inside what is now modern-day Ghana.

Effia also Essie are leading two very different lives.

They has no idea that they are sisters or are related inside any way, they don't know really about a another.

One of them is married off to a white slave trader also a another is stolen also sold into slavery also a book traces a outcomes of both of their lives also families over a course of lot generations, also show how strikingly different circumstances affect not only our lives but also a lives of our future families.

inside terms of language, this novel is magnificent.

a prose of it really beautifully weaves everything together from parents to children, also between both strands of a family, tt just masterfully creates accounts of a kind of lived experience that such a huge number of people did has, also a realities of that experience are revealed to those who will never has it.

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What I found really impressive about it was a author's ability to keep each voice inside there unique.

Of course as youre follow a progression from parent to child to parent to child, there are similarities between them, as is to become expected, but each perspective of a book of which there are 14, so each chapter is a new perspective also there are 14 perspectives, it really holds its own individual tone also style also of course a opinions also actions.

There's a family tree also a front of a book which is extremely helpful as I was constantly referring back to it as sometimes it was hard to remember which sister's side of a family was being narrated.

also honestly, that probably should has been a little bit easier for me because a continents where a action is taking place diverge quite soon inside a story, but still it was helpful to has everything right there.

This story really leaves very little out when describing a atrocities that were exerted on a African people who were stolen also forced into slavery: from a prisons that they were held inside, to a awful journey across a ocean, to American slavery also both a blatant also casual racism that continued also continues into American society both inside a south also a north.

This book is written inside a way that illustrates a pain but inside a different angle with every perspective of each character? a only thing that this story leaves out, as it has to inside order to keep progressing across a generations, is what happens to each character between a end of their chapter also a next mention of them by their child or grandchild.

youre finish each chapter kind of feeling a sense of finality to each of those characters inside a story each of those smaller, nuclear families, but youre're also still sort of curious about where they will show up inside a story of those that — who come after them.

One of a themes that really stuck out inside this book for me was a malleability of language? There's a piece where there are these characters who talk about a term for a white man inside Ghana, also what it means also how it was derived, also a way that that word came about, what its roots also origins were, also how it's changed — also a meaning of a term has changed, also a weight of a term has changed, also how it's been shaped over a years that it's been used also discussed.

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also it's even brought up that a current generation (or at least current inside a, a final chapters of a book) how that generation will use a word with a completely different meaning inside mind, than a people who forged a term initially.

I find this fascinating, especially when I think about how a English language has evolved, particularly inside a United States, also it's a comfort to know that a malleability of language doesn't know any boundaries: that this is common across cultures also everywhere.

I almost could has done with this book being a little bit longer, a ending felt a little bit hurried to me also a connections that were made I wanted to see take more time, I wanted more detail inside it? It felt a little bit foreshadowy for a standalone book inside a way that left me then wanting additional story.

That was really a only thing that was lacking for me here, it's a little bit of a big thing, but I guess much better to become lacking one large piece than a number of smaller ones for a book of this length also inside this style.

So, overall I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars, I really want to say thanks again to our friends at Penguin UK, especially Elke for mailing me this book all a way back inside 2017, also I apologize that this review has come two years late.

As always, thank youre so much for watching, I hope youre're having a lovely weeks also lovely lives, anything that youre want to know about us is probably inside a description also Our will see youre very soon! Look at those end papers again, seriously.

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