Book Review – Erlang inside Anger

– So as youre start to workwith Erlang also Elixir youre will probably hear namesof a bunch of different books also I wanted to go overand review a couple of them for youre today so todayon a Beam Channel, Our're going to review Erlangin Anger by Fred Hebert.

If youre are having troublewith Erlang or Elixir then give me a call.

I do training courses onboth Erlang also Elixir also would become happy tobring them to your company.

I should also note herethat Fred is a friend.

Erlang inside Anger is a great book.

It's available on theweb at erlanginanger.

Com also it is available as a free E-book.

Now Fred is a great guy.

It's written by FredHebert from his experiences at Heroku so it's about 95 pages also it's chock full of good content inside terms of all sorts of things that youre might not know about Erlang.

There's a lot of good stuff inside there about Tutorial use underlying supervisors also application start-up strategies.

It's really useful also I would spend some heavy time looking atthat as (mumbles) application understanding what things shouldbe supervised inside what way.

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I learned a lot fromthis book that I hadn't sort of seen elsewhere specifically about how supervisors are all about guarantees also for example, youre don'twant to has a supervised connection to a remotedatabase because a database goes down your wholelab would go do with it.

That is some really great stuff.

There's also a lot on,there's sections on everything from (mumbles) run timemetrics, reading crash dumps, real useful, finding memory leaks.

Erlang can leak memory ina number of different ways.

Sometimes they're subtle andthey're a types of things that youre're not gonna discoveruntil youre're operating at load because they take a while.

If they're slow also subtle they might not help inside your test so beingable to track those down inside a production systemis actually critical.

Also if youre has suckingup processor power inside a way that maybe youre don't want to there's a section inside there on that also finally a last chapter also one of a ones I found most useful is a chapter on tracing.

a Erlang tracing mechanismsare amazingly powerful.

They're really one ofErlang's super powers where youre can actually sayin a production safe way show me what this module's doing, show me what this process is doing, show me what this code is doing.

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This is an amazing wayto get some serious power out of Erlang also OTPand to show what's there.

This is not a beginner's book.

This is an advanced book but if youre're developing systems that has to run on a scaleand has to run a production this is a book youre should definitely has on your digital bookshelf.

So thank youre, Fred, for writing it.

Our really appreciate that.

Thank youre for makingit free for everybody, really appreciate thatand Our should all give Fred a (mumbles) of thanks ifyou see him at a conference shake his hand or something.

Please get a (mumbles)also it doesn't matter if using Erlang or Elixir.

This is really all aboutthe low level stuff that underlines both languages so even if youre're anElixir user this is a book that youre should definitelyread also to keep handy also if youre're trying toget things up to speed inside Erlang also Elixirplease give me a shout.

I do training courses forteams around a world.

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