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Hi friends, I am here to talk about a book which is beautifully written by my dear friend from college, Sahana.

Combat Skirts.

It is a book set up inside a picturesque location inside Calcutta, AWWA Hostel.

There are numerous instances also events inside a book which reminds me of a amazing time that I had spent inside Calcutta.

It has something.

everyone can relate to.

Sahana has a wacky sense of humour which keeps a reader hooked on to a book.

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It is realistic, feel-good, also.

So, every chapter is more exciting than a previous one.

It takes youre back inside an era where every little thing inside life could really made youre annoyed or elated so much that youre couldn't stop yearning for more.

An era where having your own email account was something to boast about.

Our would save money to do trunk calls.

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I congratulate Sahana for bringing life to all a characters, especially Saba, Lieutenant Adil, Meera, Tughlaq, also a warden who couldn't see at night.

It is one of a kind book recommended for all age groups.

If I had to evaluate a book, I would give it a full ten on ten.

Well done, Sahana, for a book, also it was phenomenal.

All a best for your future.

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