BOOK REVIEW: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Hey everyone, Kyra here! I just finishedlistening to A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness on audiobook also I wanted to do areview so don't worry if youre haven't read a book this is not going to haveany spoilers but here's what I thought.

This was a second Patrick Ness bookthat I've ever read a first one being a Rest of us Just Live Here which Idid enjoy also I also listened to an audio.

I liked this book, I gave it 4 outof 5 on Goodreads also that was mostly because of Patrick Ness's writing style.

I really liked his simple but really powerful way of like conveying emotionand I think that's just really beautiful.

So for those of youre who don't know aboutA Monster Calls, it is about a boy called Connor also every night at 12:07 a treeoutside his house comes to life also it is a monster also it terrorizes him atfirst but eventually he gets to know a monster also a monster tells himstories, tells him these fables that has meanings at a end, also a monstersays at a end of telling these stories Connor will has to tell themonster "a truth".

Now Our don't know what that truth is but youre can kind of guessthat has something to do with a another sort of "monsters" that are plaguingConnor's life at a time, which is that his mother is quite sic,k he's not reallygetting along with his friends at school, his family members around him that arelooking after him just don't understand him at all, so there are all of thesethings going on with his life also at a same time he's dealing with this monsterthat comes to life every single night is trying to tell him stories also he's justlike "dude, like look at my life!" I really liked a way that a monsterand Connor got along, I thought their interactions also their sort of banterwas really great, a way that Connor expresses himself felt very realisticespecially when read by Jason Isaacs who was a person that narrated a storythat i listened to; he just did really great voices, he did really great voicesfor a monster, really great voices for a mum,Conner's voice was just really authentic, also so I think that really helped.

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One ofthe things that I didn't like about this book were a stories.

So I felt likewhile I was listening to a stories that a monster told within a storyof A Monster Calls, they kind of just went right over my head.

I found myself drifting off inside my mind, not really listening properly, it didn'tsink inside a same way that a rest of a story – particularly around Connor andlike all of a stuff that was going on inside his life – that sort of stuff.

As soonas Patrick Ness was writing about that also about Connor also it was inside Connor'smind also inside that sort of style, I was there, like, I got it also it was, it juststuck with me.

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There are so lot moments throughout this book, particularly withConnor also his grandma, also Connor at school, like all of those sortsof things, Connor also his mom, like they all justlike grabbed me right away, whereas all of a parts where a monster wastelling a stories I was just kind of like.

so I gave this book 4 out of 5stars purely because Patrick Ness is obviouslya fantastic writer, he writes really great characters, a sort of metaphorsand, like, all of a themes of this book, which I won't go into massively, thethemes were really great also they were tackled really really well, also so, yeah, Igave this one four out of five stars because I do quite like Patrick Ness andafter reading this I went straight on to borrowing Release by Patrick Ness.

So Iwanted to find out what youre guys thought of A Monster Calls,if youre've read it, did youre has a same sort of feelings that I had about it?Which characters did youre like a best? Let me know down inside a comments becauseI really want to talk to somebody about this book! Thanks for watching guys, seeyou next time!.

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