Book Review – 12 Rules For Life

So if youre guys are lookin'for some great advice on life I has a book for youre guys now my name is Marcas,this is Discover Ignite, also today I'm actually doing a book review on a book called 12 Rulesof Life, by Jordan Peterson.

So stick tight also let's getthis book review started.

(soft music) So who is Dr.

Jordan Peterson? Now he's actually a clinical psychologist as well as a professor atthe University of Toronto.

also this man is a genius.

Now before actually reading this book, I've actually listenedto some of his lectures, also actually listenedto one of his TED Talks.

So I briefly know of who he was.

I know again he was extremely brilliant.

also I really enjoyed his content right.

also so I picked up his book youre know, looking to see what kind ofadvice he would give right.

I don't believe I've actually read any of his another books.

I thinkhe has a couple another books.

But I'm not positive about that.

But nonetheless, I mean hisinformation is always good.

Now this particular book I believe was actually based off a blog on Quora I believe it's called.

also he had answered back tosomebody else on a blog also I guess a blog itself had gotten so lot hits that it wasone of a highest rated blog hits on that particular site.

also so he actually decided to write a book based off of that.

also this book, a 12 Rules of Life is actually a phenomenal book.

It's got some really great advice on life.

Now one actually particular example, one of a rules he goes over is a fact that youre know, us as human beings, youre know right, Our're willing to give our shirts, also essentially almost giveour lives to another people, like family members, everybodyelse, but ourselves, right.

Our're not willing to give ourselves a same gratification thatwe would give somebody else.

youre know Our're so harsh on ourself.

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Our just continue to put ourself down, also destroy our self confidence.

also that's one of a ruleshe discusses inside a book.

Now this book goes intomany different rules to include like discipline, also youre know, actually marriage, also a bunch of different aspects of life.

also it's again, gotsome very unique advice.

also rightfully so right.

Because Dr.

Jordan Peterson actually, youre know deals with such a wide variety of different people also walks of life, also has seen so lot different things.

also actually talks about youre know, just Tutorial handle people right.

also what youre should do withyour opinion about stuff.

also how youre should come across.

also actually come to aconclusion about things.

I mean this book has got so lot, like gold nuggets inside it, right.

It can really help somebodyin life inside general.

also one thing I would say about this book is it's got a lottaunique stuff inside it, right.

It's got, I've actuallyread so lot different books that all this stuff is likealmost brand new, right.

also he, again he has such a vast knowledge of different things.

youre know he talks about a Egyptians also how they came up,also about discipline.

also relates a lot of a stories to some biblical stuff also aswell, as some Egyptian stuff.

I mean it's got some great insight right.

also why Our act a way Our act.

also that's really insightful, 'cause it's really insightfulto know how people think, how people react, also how youre should become able to handle people as well as yourself, right.

Because youre can't disclude yourself.

also that's a biggest thing that youre get out of this book is again, just Tutorial handle peopleand Tutorial handle yourself.

also I think that's extremely important especially inside a society that youre know, again Our neglect ourselves.

also Our're willing to giveeverybody else all that Our has, but Our don't help ourselves.

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also if Our could help ourselves Our can youre know,contribute more to society if Our actually youre know, gave ourselves a like that Our wouldgive to somebody else.

also so for this particular book I would highly suggest that youre pick it up because youre will not become disappointed.

That is for sure.

Now as for any cons to a book.

I didn't really see any cons right.

There was a lot of veryinsightful things right.

There were, a lot of a rules had a bunch of differentlike random aspects of it that went a little deeper into it.

Again, he kinda goes over a rules also then sometimes he has a story with it.

Whether that's youre know, biblical, or whether that's youknow actually talking about youre know his family.

I think at one point he talksabout his daughter as well.

also it's just very insightful right.

It's a very good book ongetting to know life inside general.

also great advice right.

Now I would suggest thisbook to anybody right.

Just for life advice inside general.

Because I think there's a lot of things inside that book that people don't wanna hear.

People don't, may not agree with.

I think that he probably actually gets a lot of negative comments about a kinda content he talks about.

But I mean it's insightful right.

It was because youre know, if youre're dealing with different people on a daily basis, also trying to help themwork through their issues, youre know youre can see howpeople react to things right.

also so I think that's again, something somebody can get value out of.

also I again highly suggestthat youre pick this book up.

I'll actually leave it inside a comments if youre guys are interested.

So if youre guys enjoy this book review smash that like button.

Until next time, I willsee youre guys later.

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